Cam Plus but only showing 23 sec clips

I had upgraded my subscription so that I could have constant playback when there is movement. I upgraded from constant recording to CamPlus. In the past month or so, I’m only getting 23 sec clips (events) and I’m missing some important stuff. (I’m monitoring a sick dog while running errands.)
What setting do I need to change? I confirmed my CamPlus membership is up to date.
I’ve ordered an SD card but that doesn’t help the immediate need. (I rely on the notifications and fill videos to tell me if I have to go home.)

@HazelsMom Are you able to post a screenshot of the events tab? If Cam Plus is activated on the camera, the video should continue to record until the motion stops.


Have you tried power cycling the camera with Cam Plus? Unplug it for a few seconds then plug it back up.

Ill try that again