Cam Plus on V2, Cam Pan only Recording 12 seconds

Any suggestions for what to try before contacting support, or is this a known bug?

Cam V2 black, cam V2, and pan cam V2 all have this problem. I’m not experiencing this on my V3 cams.

Have you tried removing the camera’s from CamPlus and then adding them back again?

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I have the 99 cam plus licenses, is the process to remove them and re-add them the same? I know they’re showing up as cam plus. But I never get recordings longer than 12 seconds.

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Don;t do them all, simply remove one camera from CamPlus first. Go to Account>services then under your 99 licenses plan (which I have also :slight_smile: ), tap on the down arrow for a camera you are getting 12 seconds and select unassigned. then back out to make sure it is unassigned. then go back in and add it again.

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Ok, that’s what I thought. I’ll try that and report back.

Did this work for you? It hasn’t for me and support has no answers. Frustrating.

I’m getting a bit longer videos than 12 seconds now, but it definitely stops recording earlier than I’d expect it to with sensitivity set to 100.

But it will record multiple times in a one minute period instead of just recording one 36 second stretch, it’s recording three 12 second recordings with a little overlap. It does that on my pan cams.