Cam plus records only 12 seconds

The cam plus on my v2 only records 12 seconds.

You’re lucky it records at all, the cam plus on my v3 just checks out and doesnt record anything till you reboot it even though the alerts and viewer work. :rage: Support doesn’t care they have me try the same thing over and over and go ‘reboot it’ ‘oh its working now? call us when it’s not’ you do and its ‘reboot it’ ‘there ya go’ GRRRR

Well, that’s frustrating.

Mine is still in the trial period, I wonder if I can go back to the regular subscription that records 12 second clips. I’d better read up on the alerts and conversations regarding cam plus, cam plus lite, etc,

My first cam plus with my other v2 works fine so I decided to get it on this v2. My experiense with the tech assistance wasn’t good either.

Did you assign your new camera under Cam Plus? Go to Accounts at the bottom of the main screen. Then select Services. You should see your Cam Plus licenses there. Both of your cameras should show up. Please let us know what you see. We are here to help.

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Yes, both are assigned. Thanks.

And the recordings of the 1st cam have “person”, “vehicle” and “number of seconds” wordings in purple color under the camera name, that the second camera doesn’t have.

As it turns out this v2 only records part of the time, I’m unsubscribing it now and will see if it records properly without the cam plus.

I, also, have Cam Plus on one of my outdoor cameras. But it still only records 12 seconds. If that is all it is supposed to do, then why am I paying for Cam Plus when I already had 12 second recording capability? Am I doing something wrong?


Same problem here today. Had to power cycle to get it to detect anything.

I did and it keeps reminding me that I can get rid of the 5 min. Yes, the plus plan is attached to the camera. No, support has not responded in days. Yes, I had to reboot camera to get it to work. Sad…

You say “We are here to help” - who is we? Are you a Wyze employee?

The problematic v2 cam plus of mine is resolved by submitting a log from the wyze app on the cellphone (it’s sent to their engineering dept).

click on the wheel gear (the settings) of the device → wyze support → submit a log

Apple charged me double for this device (during the cam plus subscription stage), I called Apple and got a refund.

On 3/18, I subscribed to cam plus for another v2 of mine, it worked for 2 days and stopped working on 3/20, now it only shows thumbnails for motions detected. I sent a log this morning, it’s not fixed yet.

On my cam plus devices, this v2 didn’t show up as having a cam plus subscription, if I subscribe to it at this point, I think I will be charged twice by Apple again, I think I will do it and call Apple and get a refund if Apple did charge me twice again, Apple will look at your account and it is very obvious and clear cut.

It is obvious that there is a bug with Wyze’s logrhythm for cam plus subscription.

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Thank you, I will try that.

I’m really fed up with the cam plus subscription issues. I am thinking of going back to cam plus lite if I can. It seems that my cam plus issue is not the same as yours.

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I’m new to Wyze cameras and these problems but it is annoying, to say the least. I shared access to my camera with someone else and immediately they started receiving nags about buying cam plus. They don’t have any cameras. They share mine which already has a plus subscription so why should they even see these messages?

The problematic v2 cam plus of mine is resolved by submitting a log from the wyze app on the cellphone (it’s sent to their engineering dept).

click on the wheel gear (the settings) of the device → wyze support → submit a log

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I spoke too soon about the v2 “cam plus” issue being resolved after I submitted a log, it has stopped working, it doesn’t even show thumbnails now.

In addition, my second v2 having the “cam plus” issue and having submitted a log for it, plus the support dept was also notified about the log number, so far no one contacted me regarding this issue, it’s been 3 or 4 days.

Since this second v2 is supposed to be still in the 14-day trial period, I’ll see if I get charged after 14 days have elapsed. And, since it is subscribed to cam plus, I couldn’t change it to cam plus lite, no more such an option for this v2.

To summarize, (1) one v2 being subscribed to cam plus with the subscription fee being paid, is not recording at all, not even thumbnails.
(2) one v2 being subscribed to cam plus, is in the trial period, is showing thumbnails only, is not allowing me to unsubscribe.