Cam Plus not recording any more than before Cam Plus?

I signed up for Cam+ to record longer than 12 seconds and to avoid the 5 minute down time, but my camera is definitely not recording everything. We live a couple of houses from the end of a dead end road. I am getting people & cars walking one direction, but not the other, they have to be going both ways, there is no other option.

Is there something special about cam+ to enable that set up?


I have the same problem. It’s not recording more than 12 seconds and it’s not recording when people are walking right in front of it. What’s the point of upgrading? I have not been able to find any way to contact anyone except a phone number. Is there an email?


@KKCRAIG3 did you call in?

No answer

The online support system is here:

Clicky on the box on the lower right, answer some questions and if the support question is don’t fix the issue, then it should list the chat or the phone number.

@kkcraig3 , is a camplus subscription asigned to the camera? From the app, click in account, then services. What do you see there?

It is assigned to a camera. It works for a few hours and quits. I have to reset about every 12 hrs to get the over 12 sec videos

That link is the the one I tried and it doesn’t help me. It just gives me a list if things to try and I’ve done those. I wanted to be able to email about it.

I’m having the same issue and I’ve been paying for 3 (2 active currently) cam plus subscriptions since October. The camera maxes out at 12s and still waits 5 minutes between recordings. Services > Cam Plus shows 2 active annual licenses on the 2 cameras that are still waiting 5 minutes between the 12second max recordings.

Update (this fixed the cool down and max video issue for my outdoor camera):
I’ve updated Event Recording (select camera > gear top right > event recording with PLUS) to no cooldown and 2min videos max. I now get back to back recordings and greater than 12 second clips.

I do notice this:
The “Backup to Base Station” feature is unavailable when using Cam Plus with Wyze Cam Outdoor.

Will this ever change, seems like an important feature to have when paying into an added recurring profit model no?


I think the part about The “Backup to Base Station” feature is unavailable when using Cam Plus with Wyze Cam Outdoor especially needs to be addressed. New customer here as well and, though I am tempted to upgrade to Cam Plus, why should I when you take away a very important feature?? A feature that comes with the camera when you buy it. Charging a user to add more features, or improved features, is ok. Charging someone to negate features of the product you paid for is absolutely not.

The original post has been here a month and Wyze has neglected to even address it. Not encouraging for customer service.

Welcome to the forums! The forum is a user to user community. Although Wyze team members to occasionally drop by, this mainly a user hangout and community of helping eachother. Mods and Mavens are user volunteers that help here and are not employees of Wyze. If the user wants official Support or assistance, do contact Wyze Support through the Support webpages or Support phone number.

Did you ever get an answer on this? I’m very confused as to why “backup to base station” is removed after upgrading to Cam Plus. Makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Can’t agree more. I have noticed though, there are videos on the card in the base from cameras that have Cam+. I think possibly because I set a “rule” to do so. No idea if that is why or if the same would work for you.

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This says it will not save anything over 12 sec With CP