Cam Plus assigned to cameras but not recording longer videos

I am wondering if anybody else here is experiencing cam plus-assigned cameras not recording more than 12 seconds and instead, in the app, being prompted to join cam plus?

After being a cam plus member for a few months, I am finding this in the app.

I have done all the standard troubleshooting steps listed on the website regarding updating apps and firmware, unassigning and reassigning cameras, power cycling cameras, etc but the issue remains.

That look suspiciously like that camera has CamPlus Lite as opposed to CamPlus. Go to the services page and verify what you have.

I agree with @K6CCC .

Can you provide an image of your Services page in the app. I use Cam Plus, you can see all the cameras I have within Cam Plus. I also subscribe to Cam Plus Lite for some test cameras when I need it. You can see that as well.

For example:

Also, take a look at the Camera Live Stream and see if you have the Cam Plus symbol on it as well as the notification area:

Are you seeing Plus on the Notification Settings area?

Do you see the Cam Plus Icon at the header of the Live Stream?

I’m not sure about the Cam Plus offers and the 5m cooldown you are getting, but one thing I see in your Video Event Uploads is that they are all Sound Event Uploads.

I am sure someone will correct me if I am remembering this incorrectly, but I recall all Sound Events being a standard 12s upload regardless of the subscription.


@K6CCC and @spamoni4, Thank you for checking in on this. Thank you for the ways to confirm that I am on Cam Plus.

I do have the little purple Cam Plus icons present next to the name for all cameras’ live streams. “Plus” does appear next to the Notifications settings. And all of my cameras do appear on the Cam Plus service page. (I haven’t even activated Cam Plus Lite as I haven’t needed it (I have Cam Plus unlimited.)

Given all of this, I’m especially confused as to why I’m being prompted to join Cam Plus.

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SlabSlayer hit the nail on the head. thumbsup2

There is no problem with your account or cam. The “problem” is that Cam Plus does not support Sound Events. If you look at your excellent examples in your 1st post, your events are being triggered by sound. Unfortunately, back-to-back sound events are limited to 12-second clips with a 5-minute cooldown regardless of subscription. The Cam Plus ad is being incorrectly displayed causing confusion for Cam Plus subscribers. I think a motion detection event resets the cooldown, but I’m not positive. Please comment on and/or vote for this wishlist request to show your support for removing the restrictions on sound events:


Thanks for confirming that! Let’s me know my noggin isn’t loosing it yet.

Also thanks for the new learnin’! I didn’t previously know that sound events also carry a mandatory 5m cooldown for CP subscribers as well. I can certainly see how getting the 5m cooldown banner as a CP subscriber would be very confusing.

And to make matters worse, clicking on it is pointless since nothing can remove that cooldown.

I am going to vote for removal of the 5m cooldown on sound events for CP subscribers although it is in a “Probably Not” status. But, at a minimum, a 5m Sound Events Cooldown needs to be a different banner in the Events list without a “Get Cam Plus” message or link. Seems like something that Wyze can work on.


I have similar happening on a number of my Cams. I get this message at the to- of events feed. I am on Cam plus for all Cams.
Is this a Fix-it Friday candidate?