I got free cam plus as a glitch?

Hi team,

Im trying to assingn cam plus lite to my driveway cam. But i cant.

I’m also notocing, this one driveway cam has complete motion capture. And i’m not paying for cam plus at all.

In the camera > notifications, the logo “plus” is by it. But when i enable it. I only see motion and sound

My other cams. Are lite plan, i see motion, sound, and person. And i only get 12 second videos there.

Whats going on with my driveway cam. Lol

This is a V3 with Cam Plus (Notifications)- What is show under Event recording?

CP not.

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Is the cam you are trying to assign to Cam Plus currently assigned to any Trial Period license or CamPlus Lite License?

You will not be able to assign that cam to a new license until it is unassigned from a license to which it is currently assigned.

Also, do you happen to have a Home Monitoring subscription?


No trial licence. And i dont have home monitoring.

Ok. From the screenshot of the notifications you shared, I don’t think that cam actually has CamPlus assigned to it. If it did, the notifications page would have a green PLUS in the top right.

Also, your Detects Sound slider button is on, but is greyed out and disabled. It looks like the cam isn’t pulling the right settings data from the cloud.

You can either enjoy the full length videos while you have them, or if you would rather use the settings, I would recommend deleting the cam from the app and reinstalling it.

Ya i dont have cam plus, but getting full length videos. Does not make sense i know.

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I’m Tell’in the teacher :rofl: