Cam plus not recording

We were wondering before we upgraded to cam plus if it will still record all motion and movement? We use the cameras primarily for the animals and rely on them to capture most everything they do. We did upgrade to cam plus last year and ended up canceling because the cameras were not recording anything. Not even a human walking in front of it. I sat in front of the camera face up in it and it didn’t do anything therefore making it useless. We love the wyze cameras but if it’s not going to catch anything it’s not worth it!

Did you enable CamPlus on the cameras? You need to go to Account/Services and enable it on the cameras.

Yes we did. I even waited two days in case it needed time to get its life together and it still didn’t do anything so we canceled it. But if we’re going to be forced to upgrade to still receive video recordings vs still shots I want to make sure it will actually record.

CamPlus Lite is a “pay what you want” service, including $0 contribution. CamPlus is per camera.

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Right, but I was wondering if other cam plus users are having that issue or not. If it works well for others and they are still getting consistent recordings great. My dogs move a lot throughout the day and I just wanted to make sure I will still be able to cApture it all. That’s all.

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Yes i have no recorded events and i don’t know how to access the video i am told is stored in the cloud can someone please help me

Start the Wyze app on your phone.

Click “Events” on the bottom. That’s where your 14 days of cloud stored event videos are.

When I first started with CamPlus, I thought none of my videos were uploading either. I couldn’t find any of them and contacted Tech Support to help me…which they didn’t.

Then I accidentally realized that I had all the filters set so that it was only showing me the videos for the one AI event that had no events. Once I got into the filters (the funnel at the top) and selected the cams I wanted to see events for and the events I wanted to see (person/vehicle/pet etc) I actually started to see the videos.

The app has a very steep learning curve. Does anyone know if there is a PDF users manual for the app?

I did all that still nothing I got no events since the cam plus

Well that’s not good. I know that each cam has to be added to Cam plus in two different places and each cam must also be configured for CamPlus. Here is how I did it:

Once I see all my cams populated on my home screen, I know that they are installed and on (green). I am going to use my Garage Cam as an example:

Then I have to make sure it is on my subscriptions. This is in the Account tab under services. If it is not assigned to your subscription, assign it. You should see available subscriptions and available cams there.

Then I have to tell the cam to actually record CamPlus. I open each cam from the home page, go into the settings gear :gear: in the upper right, and select event recording.
Making sure Detects Motion is selected, I then select Smart Detection and tell the cam what CamPlus Events I want it to record. Every CamPlus subscription you assigned to a cam in the last step has to be configured like this.

The last step is my last post… Going to the events tab and making sure all my Cam plus cams are selected for viewing and for the events I want it to show me. This is the funnel. Each button for person \ vehicle etc. at the top is a quick filter. Blue on, grey off. Select them all, see them all.

After all this I dance around in front of my cams with the sensitivity set to 100% to see if they are activating.

Short of this. There is a Tech Support issue.

Hope this helps!