New User - Outdoor Cam - will not record!

Do you HAVE to have a Cam Plus subscription to get the camera to record?

Got the camera for my mom. Set it up, all seemed to be working, we got it to record a manual pic, and manual video. Set up the time for it to record (at night) and I went home. On my return a few days later we discover no recordings but I realize I had not added things as behaviors in the “rules”. OK, then.

Set that all up. Left. Returned a few days later. No recordings and camera is “offline”. She said there was a firmware update - something may have gone wrong, idk. Reconnected cam to wireless, rebooted everything, all firmware is updated, rules good, Created a daytime schedule for testing and tried to trigger the camera but it. will. not. record. anything.

I just looked at it in my app and it is “offline” again. She has not touched it. The help bot insinuates that I need to have “cam plus” . is this true.

@JKC , welcome to the community, we will try to assist as best we can on this issue. Just so you know, I am not a Wyze Employee, just a community member like you.

You do not need to have CamPlus for the Camera to work. Having CamPlus will:

  1. eliminate the 12 second record time
  2. eliminate the 5 minute cooldown
  3. Will allow for AI notification like Person. Pet, Vehicle, etc.

As for the Events Recordings and Notifications, you have to remember that this Camera is Battery operated, therefore it is not really on continually. The image below are my settings for the WCO, you need to pay specific attention to the Image on the first image. The Blue area is where the PIR is located and will first sense if there is motion, then it can assess it via pixel changes.

It should not be off-line unless you want to turn it off by tapping on the Off icon next to the Camera. I have done that in the past. I would go to the device, settings (top Right Gear), then at the bottom there should be a restart device. Click on that and let it cycle and see if it connects.



Thank you for the screenshots, when I go back in a couple days I will try again!