New Wyze outdoor - showing NO events and NO notifications

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, so let me know if it’s not. I have a new Wyze outdoor (my 2nd outdoor). Got it all set up and even have Cam Plus. The first one works great.

HOWEVER, the new one has showed NO notifications and NO events. I can see the area where it’s pointing (my garage door) fine and there is traffic in and out of it, but nothing. I’ve double checked everything I can think of - and yes, Notifications are enabled. And my firmware on both the base station and the camera are updated.

Would surely appreciate any assistance. Thanks, Iris

You probably already checked this but:

  • Make sure you have no filters in the Event tab.
  • On the outdoor cam, make sure it is mounted right side up. Some have mounted it upside down because of the Magnet Base and how they installed it. The Top of the Camera is also able to connect to the magnet as well.
  • Make sure the PIR area is where you want to be notified of. This can be found on the Detection Setting Screen at the bottom.

Here is a post I provided in the past which includes an image of where the PIR is.

But as I said, above, you probably already know this.

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Sadly I did already know that - but thanks for trying to help. I’m about ready to give up on this particular camera. I can see the intended few from the app - but still no notifications or events.

What is “updated”? Please say the exact firmware version # or app version. There are many app versions that show up to date. Since this is tagged beta, I am guessing this is proboly beta, but the firmware versions change fairly often that there maybe has been an update since you first posted this thread.

Can you try this, bring the non working WCO inside, run it through the things in this video, what does and what doesn’t it do?


Okay, it’s taken me awhile but here goes:
App version 2.24.41
I’ve done everything in that video twice.
Solid blue light is on when there’s movement or I handle the camera, goes off after a minute or so.

Nothing helps. It recorded movement one time when I was bringing it in from outside, but sent no notifications at all.

I’m totally at a loss. My first outdoor was so easy and works so great, and this one is a complete failure. Maybe it’s operator error on my part, but I don’t know what else to do.

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