New to WYZE

Hey everyone. So I don’t yet have a WYZE cam but I’m thinking of purchasing maybe 2 of them for my home. I was trying to see if you guys can help me with some questions. Will I be able to see real time video from the app if I’m away from home or does it only start recording once it senses motion? I also see it has a speaker, if I’m not home but my husband is can I talk to him though there? Again it goes back to the whole being able to watch real time video. Also, how well does the CAM V3 work outdoors? Thanks in advance.

Yes it’s live video. Yes you can talk through it. I have 2 v3’s outside and they are working fine but, of course, all instances are different. But they are rated for outdoor use.

That’s awesome to hear, thanks! Also, 1 more thing. Do you have the cam plus subscription and do you recommend it? Does the live video also work without purchasing cam plus ?

Yes. You also get a free cloud event recording that records 12 second events with a 5 minute cooldown before the camera can record an event again. So you can still have cloud recording without the camplus subscription.

For me, it has its place. Just understand what it’s use is and features are. I have several cameras around the house. I have camplus and continuous recording local storage on my most important cameras, just continuous local storage on lesser important one and event only to local storage on say my cat food dishes. Best is to due your own due diligence to understand the pros and cons, then apply it to your use case to see if it helps. .:slight_smile:


Yes I do have cam plus and for me I like it. The camera will come with 2 weeks of free cam plus, so you can try it and see.