Wyze video recorded in SD card, cannot play without subscription

Outdoor v2 cam. Installed sd card. Looks like video is recorded, but cannot play without camplus subscription. Any help what I am doing wrong?

If you are looking at it in the events tab, that is the cloud location. To get to he sdcard, go to the live stream page and see if there is a button that says view playback or an SD Card icon below the live stream. By tapping on those, you will go to the SD Card and can stream without CamPlus subscription.

I don’t have any v2 cameras currently hooked up to tell exactly which option it is.

@carverofchoice so you?


Cam Outdoor (v1 and v2) only do manual recording, time lapse, and scheduled recording to SD card. Footage is at live stream > More (3 horizontal bars icon) > Album


Thanks, took mine down recently.

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Mine is doing the same thing. I AM in the place to look at recordings on the SD card and I’ve been getting “Operation Failed” for the last few days when I try to look at playback on the sd card since I updated it to the latest firmware! Didn’t update my other cam and I can still see the recordings on the sd card on that one. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: If I can’t see the playback this camera has become worthless! :frowning: Is there a way to roll it back to the previous firmware?

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Re-read what Seapup wrote.

You bought the camera that doesn’t have the capability you desire, then, blame the camera for being worthless.

I find the camera provides lotsa value, especially with a CAM+ subscription.

I’ve head this camera for many years. Many. I understand I don’t have cloud viewing. I have always been able to watch playback off the sd card. Always. I still can on the other camera that I did not update the firmware on. The firmware update seems to have “broken” my ability to watch playback off the sd card.

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Ok. Can you do an Android or Apple “screen record” of the WCO ability to show playback of the microSD card (FROM your working camera)?

I have the Wyze Cam Outdoor V2. I bought an SD card. I’ve been paying for this camera (and another one) to have a Cam Plus subscription. Yet, I’m only able to view random short videos that are recorded. For example, this morning, I get one 4-second recording from when a guy was out back for several minutes - i.e., the entire reason I’m paying for these things. No Playback button. Was the SD card and Cam Plus subscription a waste of money?

The WCO camera detects motion best side to side. Some times I get short Cam Plus videos and other times I get videos up to the length limit I set at2 minutes per video.
The SD card will not record anything unless you set it to scheduled event recording (See Link Below) You can do Cam Plus recording at the same time as scheduled event recording.
I have some of my critter cams set for scheduled event recording, MOTION ONLY, They are set for 30 days, no cooldown period ,max duration off each video is set at 2 minutes per video.
The other night I had two 5 second cam plus videos but the SD card had 30 videos recorded on it from the same time period.
To view the SD card you need to open the cam > tap more> Album and scroll down to scheduled videos. You need to tap on the download icon on each video to view and it will be downloaded to your phone/device photo/media album.
If you look at other post here you will see many folks including me are having issues with the WCO staying connected to the network after app 2.48. If the connection keeps dropping out cloud recording is diminished drastically.

Link for Scheduled recording:


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