Erroneous prompt to upgrade to Cam Plus after viewing Event

After viewing a recorded Event clip, a prompt appears asking me to touch a small “12” icon to upgrade to Cam Plus, even though I already HAVE Cam Plus on this and 3 other cameras. Reference the three screenshots below. I just noticed this behavior today. iPadOS 15.4.1 Wyze app 2.30.1


Yep. Seeing that too.

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Same. Issue seems to have started today but impacting all Events going back 2 weeks. Can confirm prior to today, Event recording was longer than 12 seconds.

It doesn’t appear cooldown is affected.

Have restarted cams, unassigned/reassigned cams in Cam Plus. All cam firmware up to date.

Suspect server issue.

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Same thing here. I have five cameras that were working fine but recently have been only recording the 12s clips and saying I need to update to cam plus. I have all cameras subscribed. Any new info would be appreciated.

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In my case, the cams are actually recording >12 seconds, but the “12” icon and popup message that appears would have you believe that it’s only recorded 12. Check and see if that’s the case for you as well.

Same here. Longer recordings, but the 12 icon.

That has changed since yesterday. It was only playing 12 seconds along with the 12 sec icon. Now it appears to be playing the full length event but still has the 12 sec icon.

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Latest update: as of this morning, most of the Events are running between 22-24 seconds. I have a 2 min 8 sec that plays for 23 seconds.

Wyze, please deal with your server. This is not the service I paid for.

@WyzeJimmy, @WyzeGwendolyn, @WyzeJasonJ, @wyzeanybodywhowilllisten. #enoughwiththeads

Please forward this message to the Marketing Director and the Leader of the App Development Team.


I have CamPlus on EVERY one of my cams. My cams, and CamPlus full length events are working fine.

Why do I need to be goaded into signing up for CamPlus when I already have a subscription and license on EVERY SINGLE cam?

First it was this little annoyance every time I try to open an event from a notification:

I have been forced to dismiss it for some time now to see my CamPlus Event Video.

Then, today, I click on an Event notification and I am greeted not by a Live View of the Cam or by a CamPlus Event Video, but by this gem;

And, as an added kicker, the little X in the upper right doesn’t work! Real suggestive… Disable the only exit. Nice! I was able to get back to the home page and enter the Events tab only by using the Android Back function.

It is adding insult to injury! First, you completely gut the security usefulness of viewing Event Video directly from an Event Notification by abruptly abandoning the highly useful AWS KVS with the time slider in favor of the much less functional TUTK Live Stream ( Latest App Update Has Another Mistake ), and now you are forcing pop-up ads before we can view event video! What is next? Sell us a No-Ad Pro App version too?

Please explain to me in detail exactly what was going thru the Marketing and Developers’ heads when they decided it would be a good idea to block user viewing of time sensitive security camera event video with a pop-up ad? Really, is that where we are Wyze? I had someone trespassing within a locked access fenced yard and Wyze thinks it’s ok to force a full screen pop-up ad that I can’t exit for a product I have already purchased before I am allowed to view the Security Cam Event Video I paid for. What is anyone at Wyze using for common sense? How did this not get at least one dissenting vote in the executive review QA process? Knock, knock. Hello… anyone there? Beam me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life down here.

If Wyze lacks the technical expertise and ability to have the cam subscription checked before popping in the ad, then shut it down completely. All it is doing is reflecting a complete lack of precision planning and execution. It is very sloppy implementation and is simply annoying and alienating the users who have already paid you their hard earned money for the subscription.


I gave up opening events from notifications and just go to the events tab in the app because I get exactly the same thing – PLUS I occasionally get the "12s’ circle even though I have an unlimited CamPlus subscription.

Looking from my point of view it seems like Wyze is in chaos - so many things are not working as they should … And nothing seems to get fixed.

I rely on these cams for security but I do not trust them any more.

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I have reported this to the team and I apologize for the experience you are having.


Sorry for the trouble. Could you please submit a log after you got this issue again and post the log number here? We will work on this issue. Thanks.

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Here is the latest one.

App Log 613323
Cam V3 Log 613325

CamPlus Person Detection Event Notification 18:53 ET 06\14\22

I did not receive the full page popup yet again. I will keep monitoring for it and send in logs when it occurs.

I am currently not is a position to dance in front of all 12 of my cams to test them. I will need to wait for them to alert naturally. When the popups come in on any of the remaining 11, I will again post logs.


CamPlus Cam V3 #2

App Log 613375
Cam V3 Log 613374

CamPlus Person Detection Event Notification 19:54 ET 06\14\22

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CamPlus Cam V3 #3

App Log 613421
Cam V3 Log 613423

CamPlus Person Detection Event Notification 20:57 ET 06\14\22


It won’t let me submit more than 3 replies, so here is another:

CamPlus Cam V3 #4

App Log 613503
Cam V3 Log 613502

CamPlus Pet Detection Event Notification 22:17 ET 06\14\22


And another:

CamPlus Cam V3 #5

App Log 613811
Cam V3 Log 613810

CamPlus Person\Pet Detection Event Notification 06:16 ET 06\15\22


And another:

CamPlus Cam V3 #6

App Log 613827
Cam V3 Log 613825

CamPlus Person Detection Event Notification 06:28 ET 06\15\22


And yet another:

CamPlus Cam V3 #7

App Log 614629
Cam V3 Log 614625

CamPlus Person Detection Event Notification 19:30 ET 06\15\22


And yet another:

CamPlus Cam V3 #8

App Log 614742
Cam V3 Log 614741

CamPlus Person Detection Event Notification 19:29 ET 06\15\22


And yet another. This time the full page popup!

CamPlus Cam Pan V1 (#9)

App Log 615510
CamPan v1 Log 615507

CamPlus Person Detection Event Notification 14:58 ET 06\16\22


And yet another.

CamPlus Video Doorbell V1 (#10)

App Log 618783
VDB v1 Log 618786

CamPlus Person Detection Event Notification 20:19 ET 06\18\22

@SlabSlayer - you seem to be having a busy time!

Does anything happen when you send all this to Wyze? I tried once and got a useless reply - never bothered again!

This is the first I have posted on this issue. I did get a response from @WyzeJasonJ who refered it to @WyzeBaohua who did respond and asked for logs. That was 5 days ago. I am going to give them a little time to find the errant code as I know from all the other posts that this isn’t the only problem with the Wyze app\cloud\firmware\software :wink:.

It appears to be a login\time driven event. It will happen after a certain amount of time away from the app and then only on the first opening of an event. If remaining in the app and going from even to event or back to live view then events, it doesn’t do it again.

I have only 2 more cams to trigger then I will have a full carton :egg:! I know it’s a small goal, but a goal nonetheless.

I have seen the same - but only two or three times.

I worry when I view an event directly from the notification in the status bar - I regularly get the 12s red circle on the event screen. It doesn’t appear if I go to the event from the thumbnail on the home page. So I just don’t open events from notifications … Yet another home-made workaround!!!

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Haven’t seen that…yet. But, there is still time. Guessing it’s an App \ FW version match issue like this. Would be nice if they were to program their FW updates to play nice with the working versions of the app, not just the newest bugs.

I am beginning to wonder if they are capable of doing that.

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