Erroneous prompt to upgrade to Cam Plus after viewing Event


It has been 16 days since submitting these 10 logs with screen captures of the pop-up prompts.

What progress has been made it tracking down the cause?

Sorry for the delay. After investigation and testing, this issue cannot be reproduced on the latest 2.32 public app. Do you mind upgrading the app and check if the issue got resolved? Thank you.

Coincidentally, I have been experiencing other issues with a cam and updated my app and firmware to see if it would mitigate the issues… It did not.

But, it did stop the popups.

However, this illustrates an important point for Wyze updates. Your newer updates should not be introducing problems for older versions. Introduce all the bugs in the new versions, don’t make them retroactive! Your updates all need to be backward compatible to allow for the old app versions to continue to operate with the features that app had. I should not be seeing new feature incompatibilities in an old app version just because your cloud coding doesn’t want to support older App versions.