Wyze camera only keeps last few hours of events

How can I keep more events available? Seems like I have a rolling set of events for less than a day.

Welcome to the community, @rhall1ggl ! You can see more events by tapping on each day. You should be able to see up to 14 days of 12 second event videos that are stored to the cloud.

Do you have a MicroSD card installed? If not, in order to get the full benefit of the camera, I would recommend installing a High Endurance 32 GB Samsung or a Wyze brand microSD card to record all of your events local. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah, ok. Thanks. Right in front of me! Really wish it was more than 12 seconds. The 5 min. Cooldown is also a killer. Thanks though for the tip.

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You’re welcome!

you wont have the cool down if you use the SD card. the events ( 12 second clips) are used for notifications so even though during the cool down you wont get notified, if you use an sd card the camera will record any motion on the card in one minute increments as long as there is motion. use the clips to see the time of the event, then use the playback to get a good look at what was going on.


Ok, that sounds good. I have the SD card. How do I set it to record to it?

Go to desired cam,
Tap settings gear,
Then follow these steps:
Advanced Settings, Local Storage. Turn on Recording to Micro SD Card and choose whether you you want continuous or event -only recording. you can also in -camera format your card from here.the

Ok, I have in the Advanced settings > local storage > Continuous recording set now. I have not formatted the card. It is new, do I need to? I do have some recordings manually already on the card so it is working in that respect.
Once I have these settings, how do I find the 1 minute video to review? I don’t see any in the Album.

You should not need to format your card unless you have problems or want to erase it.

To access the SD card’s recordings, look at the individual camera’s live view in portrait mode. At the bottom of the screen will be a button that says “View Playback”. Touch that, and you will be looking at the recording on your SD card. When in continuous recording you will enter about 5 minutes back in time.

A typical use of the SD card in continuous record mode would be: You receive a 12-second alert. You want to see more. You look at the timestamp on the alert, go into Playback mode, and dial up that date & time. To get better resolution on the timeline, just reverse pinch it (spread it out).

Here are more details about the SD card and Continuous Recording:

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Thanks so much. This is perfect!