Camera Event Is Only 12 Seconds Long With Wyze Cam Protect Service

I have paid for the Wyze Cam Pro service and assigned it to my camera but I am still only getting 12 second events.

  • I have killed the app and restarted it.
  • I have restarted the camera .
  • I have searched for an “event recording length” setting, but did not find one.

Should I see events that are longer than 12 seconds in the event list or did I misunderstand what I would be getting when paying for this feature?

Try to sign out of the app then back in, also you should have a blue + on each camera that you have the plus asinged to

Solved. This morning the issue resolved itself. Apparently, it just takes time for the service to start working.


Thanks. The problem has resolved itself. You can close this ticket.