12 second limitations with subscription

All of my cameras have a subscription however all of my videos state only 12 seconds have been recorded. Anyone else have this issue?

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The free service is 12 seconds with a 5 minute cooldown. The complete motion capture service (paid) records as long as there is motion.

Thanks for the reply. Yes I have the paid subscription and It still only does 12 seconds. Maybe i need to call.

Make sure you activate the cameras in CMC. Follow these install instructions for setup.

Just to get the basics out of the way…

Please verify the following from your Android phone/tablet using the Wyze app:

Home > Account > About
You should be using Wyze app version 2.8.24

Home > Account > Wyze Services > Complete Motion Capture
Verify the CMC has been applied/registered to the camera in question.

Select the Events icon at the bottom of the Wyze app home page. For the camera in question, you should see “Compete Motion” under your camera name and the total time length of capture for the event(s) on the thumbnail.

Select/tap the thumbnail. You should see “Complete Motion” and the start of capture time for the event.

If you see the “Complete Motion” labeling on your event and capture length is 12 seconds, the event was determined to be either 12 seconds in duration or less. For example, if the event was actually only 9 seconds, your event will still be recorded for 12 seconds.

Let us know if you see anything different on your device from the basics listed above so we can continue to help you out. The solution to your problem is most likely something simple.

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