Wyze Cam - Recording Events but unable to View Playback

Hi Everyone,

Was wondering If anyone has seen this before.

I am unable to View Playback on one of my Wyze Camera’s for some reason. It used to work but now it just says “no video at the selected time” I’ve reset the camera, formatted the SD card but still nothing. I’ve also verified that the Firmware version is the same as another one of my Wyze Camera’s where I can view playback. One thing to note is that the camera is recording events and I can re-watch these events, it’s just when I click the View Playback button is where I get “no video at the selected time”

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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Hi, @rai_deen! I would recommend trying a different microSD card and see if it makes a difference. If formatting the card didn’t help, It could be a bad card.

Did you format the card in the camera or in your pc? What brand and size is the SD card?


There is always a bit of latency when trying to view playback from the SD card. Depending on network (WiFi and/or cell) conditions at the time, that latency can be longer than you might expect. Try giving it at least a minute to connect, and see if that makes a difference. :slight_smile:

Hey @StopICU33 Its a Wyze brand 32GB SD Card. I formatted the card in the camera. I just find it weird that I could view the playback before and all of a sudden I couldn’t anymore. Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

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I have the same Wyze SD card 32 GB in one of my cameras, and it worked great for 6 months. Then for some odd reason it stopped responding. So. I pulled it out and did a reformat using my pc and it started working fine again. Yes, weird is correct. If you continue to have problems with it, let us know. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just encountered this problem on the camera I signed up for the new motion capture on. It says loading… But doesn’t seem to be actually loading. It saves new events on the event list, but it will not play them.

EDIT: The app needed updated and for some reason I didn’t realize it. All is good and working now!

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Thanks @StopICU33. I’ll give that a try and see if it works. I’m assuming you used NTFS when formatting?

Hey @atomw7, i can play the events back but unable to view playback which I find is very weird. I think the app is fine as I can view playback on another cam with no errors. I’m glad yours is up :slight_smile:

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@StopICU33 Sorry for the late reply but I was finally able to format the card and it looks like its picking up the Wyze SD card and is recording now. I’m going to keep an eye on it to see what will happen when the card gets full, but it seems good now. Thanks for the help.

@StopICU33 Actually something weird is happening. 20 minutes after the format, the original issue has come back and i’m unable to View Playback.

One thing I did notice: I have a 32GB Wyze SD Card in the camera but under Settings > Advanced > Local Storage it shows 1.78G/1.81G. My other Wyze cam seems to be fine as it shows 0.70G/29.53G. Any ideas?

I’ve had that to happen before as well. Sounds like a bad format. I did a reformat on the cam with that same issue and it started working properly. I have no idea what causes it. My SD card was showing the samething under the Local Storage but the reformat fixed it and thats been about 2 months or so now and It’s still working fine. If that doesn’t correct the issue on the card, the card might bad. Wyze SD cards have a 1 year warranty on them. They would probably send you a new one if it’s less than a year old.

If you want to open a support ticket, you can do so here.