View Playback is Not Working

When I first installed Wyze the playback feature was working fine. Now that we are a couple weeks in, it is not working at all. I am using Wyze Cam v2 Firmware v4.9.3.64 with my iphone 7.
I am using Wyze Labs Expandable Storage 32GB MicroSDHC Card Class 10
Yes they are both on the same network
Yes, I am looking at a playback time where there is a green bar
No the time stamp does not change.

  • I have opened and closed the app
  • I have restarted the Device
  • I have unplugged and replugged the camera
  • I have performed the Format SD Card in the app and then restarted the Wyze again and it showed 29.14GB/29.14GB after formatting.
    Please note that I am able to see (12 second) Events with no problem, but nothing is working with the playback feature on my SIM card.

Wow since Jan. How did you resolve this issue? I have the same problem with latest firmware (, no video either in Playback or Time Lapse. The Adata 16 GB microSD seems to be recognized and jpegs are written on to it but no video at all. Support was not helpful and a total waste of time. If I can’t resolve this problem, I mind as well return it b/c this Wyze Cam v2 is absolutely useless, only getting the 12 second notification.

@fydela Hello and welcome to the community! Sorry to hear you had a negative experience with support. Please post the support ticket number so we can check on this for you.

BTW have you tried a different MicroSD card?

It is very possible that the Adata MicroSD card isn’t working properly. This brand of card has a lot of poor ratings on Amazon. I would recommend trying a different brand card like a Wyze or Samsung and see if this resolves the recording issue.

  • 1st Adata 16 GB micro SD that I grabbed was not recognized

  • 2nd Adata 16 GB micro SD was recognized, able to format in the cam, and saw that the event notification thumbnail jpeg were on there with correct date/time stamps but still no video.

  • ordered a Samsung 32 GB EVO Select micro SD and will try again the next few days.

Thank you.

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Just a heads up on the SD cards, for this use case scenario the ideal would be an endurance rated card…these are built for surveillance cam type situations , while the Samsung EVO is a good card (I have one in my cell phone and it works great) it is not the recommend card for this application. Below is a link to Samsung Pro Endurance cards that are built for this high demand video recording, I am currently using the 128GB with no issues - disclaimer - only cards up to 32GB are officially supported by Wyze

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Thank you. The Samsung 32 GB EVOSelect seems to work better, able to see playback even though the teal ribbon doesn’t match up 100% of the time.

Trying to get time lapse to work next.

Thanks again.

You’re welcome, glad to hear! Thanks for the feedback.