Playback Not recording

For the last 2 days the playback feature has not been working. Live view is working fine. Anyone experiencing this problem and how to fix. Thanks.

Usually that means a problem with the SD card.

First thing to try is to physically unplug the camera. While it’s unplugged eject the SD card, clean the contacts (pencil erasers work) and reinsert card. Plug camera back in.

If that does not restore playback then you likely have a bad SD card. There is a lot of energy around using the Endurance cards. But I would first try reformatting the card and see if that helps.

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I had the same problem. Had to replace SD card. Would be nice if Wyze would put up a warning message that it stopped recording.

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This is not an uncommon request. There are several #wishlist requests that are related. One good one you may want to vote for is:

SD Card Notification/Information

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I have many sd cards some over 10 years old still working. Is the quality of the SD cards that Wyze sell not of the highest quality?

I have several of their cards. All are working just fine and all of my cameras are set for continuous recording. I think the oldest Wyze branded card I have is approaching 10 months old with no issues.

My understanding is the Endurance cards were specifically engineered for use by video and still cameras because of the relatively high frequency of writing to cards by those devices as opposed to say cards storing data files or music files etc.

So i have had no problems with any cards, mine are a mix of Wyze and SanDisk and other decent quality cards bought from a reputable source.

I will say based on what I have read and heard I think the Endurance cards are probably worth every penny and plan to replace my cards with those as the ones I have age out.


A few weeks ago I had my first Wyze microSD card to completely die. It stopped responding and I couldn’t even get my card reader in my PC to read it either. It was 10 months old and it was used outside in my v2 cam which voids the warranty. Anyway not a big loss, I replaced it with a high endurance card which was actually the same price as the Wyze mSD card.

Samsung PRO Endurance 32GB 100MB/s (U1) MicroSDXC

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I purchased the Wyze Cam and card on March 8, 2019 so the card lasted me 13 months. I will check out the Samsung Pro Endurance card you suggested. Thanks!


I have two v2 cams with Samsung high endurance cards one is about 5 months old and the other 4 weeks old. So far they have performed very well no issues.


I took rbruceporter suggestions and ejected the sd card, cleaned the contacts with my tshirt and reinserted. I then re-set the camera and playback now works. I did go ahead and ordered the Samsung PRO Endurance 32GB 100MB/s (U1) MicroSDXC, to be proactive and it was on sale. Thanks everyone for all the help.


Glad to hear :slightly_smiling_face:

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