Playback issue

I just got the camera, set it up with the iOS app, installed the latest firmware and inserted a micro SD card.

Live video works fine.

I configured the camera to record continuously to the micro SD. If I pull the card out, I can see videos on the computer…so it IS recording.

However, if I try to access with Playback within the app, it says “there is no replay of video in the current period.” The timeline is shaded green as if there is video there and the timeline will progress as if it is playing video. I tried pinching to zoom on a smaller time frame and it still gives the error.

I have restarted the cam several times, restarted my phone, formatted the micro SD card, swapped the micro SD card, tried on the same wifi network as well as LTE, etc…

Any ideas?

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Mine is set to continuous record and appears to be doing the same thing on some of the cameras.

I know my cam works best when Im on the same wifi network, so I would stick with that when testing.
I’m currently using the Beta version of the Android app, but under the camera app settings there’s a Sync time section with a Sync button. I’d try that too see if the time your cam thinks the recording is for us the same as your phone (actual) time?

Same here. I have two cans. One gives me playback and the tiger doesn’t. Anybody from Wyzecam care y comment?

Two of my cameras shut off. It took a few tries but they rebooted. Hoping the bugs will get worked out soon. I still love these cams.

Same issue on my Android phone app… I recently purchased 5 wyze cams v2 all with 32GB memory cards… Video Playback function does not work

Same thing with one v1 and one PAN CAM. SD 64 gig.

Same. Sent initial 32GB cards back, thinking they were fake (one couldn’t be detected by phone, or PC, after using in Wyze Cam v2). Now I have Samsung-branded 64GB cards, and the playback issue continues to occur on both cams (these cards seem to be genuine and functional). Sometimes there’s no video, and other times the footage disappears. Force close app, power-cycle cams; nothing is causing them to work consistently.

I am having the same issue. I reset the camera, restarted my phone and reconnected the WiFi just to make sure. I’m still getting the same message “ no video replay” even though I see it moving and it’s giving me an option to pause the video at the bottom. I want to figure it out before I buy another memory card.