No playback with microSD card


I just purchased and setup 2 wyze Cams with 32GB microSD cards to have continuous recording but when I click on View Playback it says “No video at the selected time.”

I confirmed I am running latest app and firmware And I completed the steps below.

  1. I unplugged both cameras for more than 20secs

  2. Inserted SD card all the way in

  3. Plugged the cameras back in

  4. Checked Local Storage

  5. Says “SD Card Memory Available: 29.71 GB/ 29.72 GB.” Went ahead and clicked Format next to Format SD Card. After a few moments, the app said Format Complete and the cameras both emitted a ding-ding sound.

  6. Confirmed “Local Recording to Micro SD Card” was selected and “Continous Recording” was highlighted.

Can’t seem to figure out what the problem is. Hoping to get some help from the community!

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Welcome to the community, @radney24! What app version are you using? Also, what brand of MicroSD card are you using? For additional help here is a link to the support page on the MicroSD card & Recording.
Also, I would recommend trying to reformat the cards on your pc. This seems to work much better when formatting the cards.

  • Under Windows and with a PC equipped with a card reader …
  • Right click on SD card icon > Format > File type >FAT 32

If the camera is setup correctly, and continuous recording is turned on, there should be some footage recorded to the card. There will be a timeline in green if there is any recordings on the card like mine below.

This is on correct?

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Hi @StopICU33, thank you for replying!

My app version is v2.5.36. The SD cards are SanDisk 32GB MicroSD HC Ultra Uhs-1 Memory Card. I reformatted them to FAT32. The app recognizes the cards (see below) and yet no footage at all. And this is happening with 2 different wyze cams with 2 brand new SD cards. It just seems strange. Like I’m missing something. I just can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong.

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Hi Radney your not alone I’m in the same boat. First time setting up the cameras and don’t record to anything to the SD or otherwise. They don’t detect motion either. Is this the same for you? If i find any solution ill let you know.

Fixed the problem by reverting back the firmware following this:

After that everything started to record to the cloud and micro SD

Definitely a bug if you update following initial setup.

Check your link

You’re welcome and I’m sorry to hear you are having such a negative experience with your cameras. I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. If by chance you have another brand of microSD card, like Samsung or Wyze, you could try it and see if it makes a difference. However, it sounds like it could be a bug, and I don’t want to keep you running around trying different things.

That said, at this point, I recommend contacting the official Wyze support team about this issue here. This forum is user to user and not the official Wyze support.


I have a simple question, how long did you wait after setting up the cams to check the playback? Also, when you side the bar to a time of known recordings, the bar May appear White for a few seconds while the cards gets to that point once you slide it to the time you are wanting to view let it sit there for a bit, and it will Turn Blue like the images supplied in the other responses, I swapped out my San Disk SD cards with Samsung SD cards and it improved the speed on which it gets to the time I want to view.

Edit, that is of course if there is not a bug or other issue. as @StopICU33 stated.

In my case I tried to get any recording or motion on SD card or in the cloud for several hours. No notifications either. As soon as I downgraded the firmware it all started to work perfectly. I have since updated the firmware back to the latest and it’s working still.


Excellent, I am Happy to hear that you got it up and running :smiley:

I setup the 2 cameras 4 days ago. Each with new Sandisk microSD cards. First attempt at viewing the playback wasn’t until a few hours after original setup. Since then I’ve had multiple attempts of reformatting the cards, powering the cameras off and on again, confirming latest firmware and app versions are being used, etc.

So again, I check playback. Go back in timeline a few hours and wait and wait. Every 20 seconds it says Connecting… (1/3) Authenticating… (2/3) Getting Video Data… (3/3) then it says No video at the selected time. I wait, after 20 seconds it cycles through the 1,2,3 and again nothing. I contacted Wyze support. None of their troubleshooting methods have helped yet.

Today I turned on Events Recording and selected to record an event when camera detects motion. After hours of activity (motion) I check Events and it says There are no Events.

Maybe I order a different brand SD card, try with that. If that doesn’t work, then it must be the cameras? I don’t know.

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@radney24 I would try that first with a different SD card, I am thinking that would have to be the problem only basing it on the chances that you could have got 2 bad camera’s is small ( not impossible but very small) Please let us know how that turns out.

This is a problem that has been around a long time. All 3 of my cams are on continuous record. All my sd cards were purchased from WYZE and repeated formatted. Most of the time I can view playback but then there also many time that I get the message “No video at the selected time”.
This is a glitch that comes and goes at will.

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@rich.s Welcome to the Wyze community! I use to experience this message every couple months until I changed to High Endurance microSD cards. So far it’s been about 9 months and all is well. I had one Wyze card that gave me problems and it finally died completely. Now I use these in most of my cams and they work much better. Samsung PRO Endurance 32 GB from Amazon.

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Thank You,

I’ll check them out.




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So when is WYZE going to fix an obvious and simple problem?

I recently bought two V2 cameras and SanDisk 32GB memory cards. The cards were installed and recognized OK. I can see the cards in the app, set them up for local storage and have formatted them twice now. But nothing records to the cards and when I do a playback it tells me there is no card.

The cameras barely stream at SD and not too well at 360 either. I have other cameras that work fine streaming but they also have issues, which is why I took a chance on WYZE. Not a very wyze decision on my part apparently.

Does WYZE actually have support?