No more playback on my SD cards…

Since I’ve done the upgrades on my V2 and V3, none of the SD cards work. I can’t do the PlayBacks. It shows on the PlayBack there is video recordings but can’t play them. What happened??? I’ve had these cams for a very long time and now all of a sudden this happens. Need help….

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What is it telling you when you try to play the SD Card Playback Video? Do you have a screenshot?

Are you recording to the SD Continuous or Events Only?

Did you do a power cycle on the cams after update?

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It does not tell me anything. It just won’t play it, but I have some on constant or on only timer But this started since the new update, cuz none of my cams I can do playbacks yes I did a power cycle too

Just trying to troubleshoot the issue. The timer information confuses me.

MicroSD Card recording has no timer function unless you are referring to a Time Lapse recording or have the cams controlled by a rule to power on only during certain times. The MicroSD Card is set for either Continuous Recording or Motion Event Recording.

There is a timer that can control when a cam records and uploads Event Videos to the server, but those are Event Videos in the Events Tab not microSD Card Playback Videos. The V3 has no such timer function.

What app version and firmware versions do you have running? Also, do you have a screenshot of the screen when it does this?

You should do a screen recording of what you are experiencing. It helps others interpret what you are describing.

It may also illustrate the actual problem, which, for example, could be 0.0 KB/s.