No Playback Available

Haven’t tried to use Playback in a few days, but I have tried on all 3 of my Cam V3 devices this morning - I cannot get ANY playback, on ANY day. SW and Devices all have current updates. I have Cam Plus on all 3 devices. Last time I tried to view playback there were no issues. May have been before last updates, not sure. Events and Live working fine. When I try to go to playback when viewing events, I get “no video at selected time” message. I have tried multiple times, multiple days, multiple cams. Again, Live and Events working perfectly, cannot view ANY Playbacks. Anyone else experiencing this ?

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Did you check your SD cards to see if they are working? I have three V3 cams on continuous record and they all work fine in playback. I formatted this one again on Friday. I have also found that sometimes you have to move the slider back and forth to get the timeline to show up.

When I view SD Playback, especially on my most distant V3 with the worst WiFi signal, it sometimes takes a few seconds after the SD Playback UI opens for the time bar slider to populate with the shaded video indicator. But, it does eventually pop in and will then play. However, I am running Beta Firmware on my V3 right now and my phone is on the local WiFi.

If you have Events in the Events tab, try jumping to the SD from the Playback icon and then giving it a bit of time to load. You also might try a power cycle on the cam allowing it to stay off for a minute or so.

I have checked my SD cards in al 3 devices. I have also tried jumping to Playback while viewing an event, same results :unamused:

Are your SD Cards set for recording Events Only? Can you toggle that to Continuous to see if that changes anything and it starts to record?

I would pull the card and see if the cam was recording (vs just not playing the video) by looking at the Record folder on the root directory to see if there are 1 minute MP4 video files saved in date and hour folders, named by the minute.

If the files are being recorded, then there is an issue with the player or signal connection to the cam. If the files aren’t there, the cam never recorded in the first place. I would swap out the card with a freshly formatted high endurance card and test again on continuous.

I actually record events only. I pulled the SD card and put it in and formatted it again. Now seems to be working OK. Thanks to all for your suggestions.

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I had a issue where the slider did not appear during playback. only the 30 sec forward and back were available. SD card was set to continuous record and closing and restarting App did not help. I rebooted the phone and then everything was back to normal.

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