Playback broken recently?

Hello. Within the last month my Wyze Cam v3s no longer allow me to View Playback with my Cam Plus service. They always show “No video at the selected time”. Though, events seem to be working just fine.

Is there a known issue with playback specifically?

That sounds more like a message for sdcard recording and NOT CamPlus. Do you have an sdcard in the camera?

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Yes, there is a micro SD card in both cameras. Both show 0.01G/0.04G which seems strange (I think they were both 64GB or larger SD cards). I guess maybe this could be a SD card issue. I figured that data came from the service. I will pull the SD cards out and check them.

Couple of things to try. You might format the SD cards in exFAT and see if that helps. Also make sure in Advanced Settings of each camera Record to SD Card is toggled on. Could have gotten flipped for some reason.


View Playback and CamPlus are not related. View Playback on the camera’s main page is playing back from the uSD card. Cam Plus is accessed from the Events tab - or from Live Web View. I bring up the latter because events on Live Web View has not been working for a few weeks. If you are watching via “View Playback”, is your camera set for continuous recording or events only?

Just trying to make sure we all know how you are attempting to watch.

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Correct, I am clicking the “View Playback” button. I assumed that cam from Cam Plus and not directly from the SD card. Both cameras I thought were set up to record to SD card and they still appear to be. Does it automatically remove old data when the card fills up? I am wondering if the card has filled up on both since they both failed around the same time and were set up around the same time.

The cameras will delete oldest hour of recordings when the card fills up.
I agree that the card capacity looks wrong. Format the card in the camera and. It should show about 59.45G total card capacity.