V3 Playback

No news is NOT good news.
Playback has not been working for some time now. Not really ideal for cameras that are used for security purposes…
Everything up to date
No playback unless you scroll forever to get to it…

The Playback problem appears to be fixed in the current Beta App being tested. Hopefully, that new App will be released to the general public soon.


I sm having same issue w csm v3. It used to work for viewing playback but now it gives error message. No video at this time. Even when there had been an event re orded. Firmware shows up to date but it worked fine before the update. Help?

Its good to see that other users are have the same problem. I thought it was an isolated issue with my cameras. Hopefully this new app will solve the issue.

I have a I think it’s a V3 but I also have a couple v2s and I have a wireless cam and a couple pan cams. I can only get one of them right now to recognize an SD card and that’s the one pan cam I have in my bedroom I just got a brand new one and it won’t recognize it and neither will my V2 or V3 or the wireless or the hub I don’t know what to do I want to put SD cards in all of them but I can’t get them to work help

I had to format mine b4 it would recognize them… I can view events but still no playback in the v3.

This is becoming an issue. It was part of the original program then removed. When trying to identify an event across multiple cameras is hampered by not being able to just have PLAYBACK go to the beginning of the selected EVENT and not to the last 5 minutes of Livestream. What happened? Will a functioning Playback be fixed?

I just got a v3 cam installed with a brand new 256gb high endurance sd card.
Playback has loud static noise that comes and goes, grey blocks when people are moving like mpeg compression artifacts, and other stuff. This does not happen with the v2 I have with the same exact sd card. Live view works perfectly.

Is this normal? Should I wait it out or just get a different camera?
My Arlo cameras have their shortcomings but they actually work.