Unable to go from event playback to full playback with V3

When viewing an event (person or motion) on my V3 camera thru an IOS application (on either a phone or tablet) pressing the Playback button does not work. An icon indicating “loading” appears, but does not go into playback mode. This camera does have CAM Plus enabled.

For reference, my V2 camera will go into playback mode from event playback. However, it does not have CAMPlus.

Does anyone know if this a known bug of the application, something related to V3 cameras, or caused by having CAMPlus? Thanks.

I have Android. I don’t remember the exact conditions or devices this happens on, but something similar has happened to me roughly 4 times in the last week. I’ll be viewing an event, click playback and it will tell me it can’t do this. I think it even tries to tell me there is no playback device (SD card) or something. So then I go to the home screen, select the device manually, then select playback and everything works fine and is accessible that way.

I should’ve paid closer attention to when it occurs and the exact error message. I’ll look out for it again.

I just tried to select an event for my V3 and click playback and it worked, so I guess that’s not the problem, or at least not consistently.

Anyway, the point is, an event refusing to move to SD card playback is also being experienced on Android sometimes too, but I’ll have to narrow down the details of when.

Thanks for your quick reply @carverofchoice. I can’t tell if it is an issue of the SD card not being recognized, although I’ve had that issue before as well. It seems to recognize the SD card if I try to go to playback from the “live” screen just fine. This is only occurring from the event screen, and I’m getting no error message. Hmmmm…

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I have the same issue. This started with the last update of the app. I’m on IOS. I usually wait a month to update the app or firmware cause they always break something. So in the future I’m not updating either. If it ain’t broke…,

I just tried on two of my V3’s and the issue is there on both- one with Cam Plus and one without.
Tried on aV2 and it works fine.
Looking like the FW upgrade.

Thanks for confirming the issue and helping to narrow down its cause to the application. Hopefully WYZE is aware of the issue and will rectify in the next update. Cheers!

There is ongoing development and testing, and I have raised this with them.

Wyze has no regression testing. For Wyze, that’s the users’ job.

Hey @Ipil60R34s, thanks for my morning chuckle!

Was hoping that the new firmware update would have fixed the issue with the V3 Cams going from watching the event to fill playback.
Have to hit view live, then hit playback and it goes back 5 minutes and than scroll back to the hour / minute of occurrence taking a lot of time that the V2 cameras firmware works just fine.
I have 3 different manufacturers for the 32 gig mem. This only happens on the V3
Was also hoping for the grid motion detection like it is on the V2. With the last firmware update.
Image of a little section to be able to block with grids detection. I have not heard of any update or if there is going to be a fix or change this issue.
At times I get the error 6 or error 7.
I use iOS 14

I am having the same issue on iOS 14 with Wyze Cam v3. I just received and set them up and activated the free cam plus trial. Noticed that pressing the playback button on the events page just pops up a loading circle for a second and nothing else happens. Playback can work normally from the live stream > playback option and scrolling through the timeline. I hope they allow us to use the playback function where it automatically jumps to the event time rather than having to manually search for it. Seems like a bug.

It doesn’t seem that WYZE is interested in a fix for a few of the issues at this time for the V3.
Hopefully they can get things caught up soon so they can start to work on a few fixes for the V3 cam.
Hopefully we can get others to also report as the start to set their V3.

I, too, have experienced and reported this issue in another forum. (I don’t think V3 is considered a beta product any more.) I understand they are aware of issueand is on list of things to be fixed. Cheers.

Glad it isn’t just me, Thought I had a broken one or something… I’m hoping a software update can fix it?

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