Playback on v3 pan cam

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In the Live Stream of the cam, there is a button labeled SD Card. This button is the same as the “View Playback” bar that you use in the V3.

However, the SD Card Viewer\Player UI is different for the PanV3. The scroll bar time line is vertical rather than horizontal.

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I went there. It only records events. Can’t view playback between events.

Says no video at selected tome when I try to view between events.

It sounds like you have it set for events only recording rather than continuous.

In the Advanced Settings for the cam, insure that the “Continuous” option is selected.

Selected time…

Not sure what you mean by “selected time” …

Was it already selected “continuous” or did you just change it to that?

It’s set for continuous but I’ll ck it

Is this continuous?

I see that you are using iOS. If it was already set for continuous and it isn’t recording or playing in continuos from the SD Card, this may be related to a recent reported issue with the latest iOS App that is preventing the viewing of SD Playback.

Please refer to these threads that may have information that relates to the issue you are experiencing:

These people are apparently having similar issues. I still can’t playback vidios. Shows events on sd card but not continuous


Now I see playback but it says I need a sd card which I have installed… I formatted it also.

Sorry to keep bugging you. It shows playback when I check my events but says I need a sd card. I just reformatted again to see if that helps

You aren’t bugging me, but there isn’t much I can do. It appears that there are issues with the iOS App and how it processes SD Cards on the cams. This latest update has caused a exponential increase in issues reported.

Have you contacted Customer Support and initiated a Help Ticket so that it gets into the system? I think that would be the next logical step.

I did just discover that I bought a 256mg card instead of a gb card so I ordered a 128gb card which I get tomorrow so I will see if that helps. Thanks again for your help. I will contact Wyze if this doesn’t work out…


Why do you solve the problem? I have 2 pan v3 and i cant see récord time in sd

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Are you able to provide some specific details about what you are experiencing within the App when you try to access the SD Playback feature? Are you doing this from the SD Card Icon in the Live Stream or the View Playback link in an Uploaded Event? Do you have SD Card Recording enabled within the Advanced Settings Menu? Is it set to Continuous or Motion Event Recording?

I have the same issue. I received today a pan cam v3, but I only can see live video, When I press the sd card icon, nothing happens. I want to be able to see playback

When you enter the Settings>Advanced Settings, is Record to MicroSD Card enabled? When you click Manage Micro SD Card, what are the use\size numbers for the card?

I see that you have iOS listed as your operating system. Can you please post the App Version and the Firmware Version for your PanV3 so that I can find some iOS users to try and replicate this under the same conditions.

Hello, i just sent a ticket to support with the exact same problem. Nothing happens when pressing ‘SD Card’ and i know this card works as its the one i took from my Cam v3. It’s detected and set as ‘continous recording’

i hope that there is a fix anytime soon

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I have the exact same issue. Last firmware updated on all Wyze cam pan v3

The sd card is detected but the sd card button doesn’t show the local records.

Please fix this bug we really need to see playback feature.

Wyze v2 old cams works flawlessly in same app.