Wyze Pan Cam v3 - no "view playback" button

How do I view playback on the Pan Cam v3? There’s no “View Playback” button like on my other 2 cams. There’s the “SD Card” button, which shows a vertical timeline-like thing, that seems to be similar, but there are no < and > arrows to jump ahead and back like in the earlier cams. Little green line segments on the right side look like they would be spots that have recorded footage, but tapping them does nothing. I have to drag the large timestamp thing up and down, and it’s not very user friendly.
An internet search turned up nothing on this question.


The “SD card” menu item has replaced the view playback button in the Pan Cam V3 user interface. As you have seen, a vertical slider.

Do you have continuous recording on or Events only? If you are only recording events, you should see the green segments vs all green, and you should be able to quickly scroll to those events.

Place your thumb or finger in the timeline box and “scroll” to the time you want (you don’t have to be on the actual timestamp), where you can scroll to the second. You will also see event notifications on the timeline if continuous record.

It sounds as if you are navigating it as designed, but prefer the navigation of the other cameras.

I personally don’t mind this style of navigation, but the experience should be as consistent as possible with the cameras.


OK thanks for the info about it, I have Events Only recording, not continuous. Yeah, it was great having those arrows to jump right to the start of the next recorded segment, not have to fumble around with a clumsy finger scroll. Frequently in the older Playback, more was recorded than was included in the official Event, which was helpful.

I see the event icons there too, but tapping on them doesn’t do anything, doesn’t take me there nor move the timestamp to it.
Thanks for the help.


Same issue. The new SD button is not available on the event views which makes it much more difficult to review my locally stored video when viewing event feed across all my cams. Is there a fix coming soon I hope to re-integrate or is this a push to pay for cloud cam storage?

Hi, we meant these jump buttons in the timeline. They work like the Previous and Next buttons in the audio playback apps. For example, if you click the <, it will move the play head to the beginning of the clip, and pressing again takes you to the beginning of the previous clip. Clicking the > moves the play head to the beginning of the next clip. We are missing this button in the new vertical timeline interface.

I have had 3 cam pan v3 units., using them in continuous mode with new 256 GB micro SD cards installed. The first two worked the same. When opening the Wyze app all cams are displayed. Events button is not highlighted until it is touched and it then turns green. NO EVENTS are displayed for the 3rd cam pan, EVER. Selecting an event from the other two pan cams would highlight a “Playback” button which allowed me to select any event and play it. I can also select the first two cam pan cams when I open the Wyze app then select “recent events” at bottom. I then scroll to the bottom of that page and select “all events”. All events on the SD card are displayed and I can pick and view any of them.

The third cam pan is totally different, though it is set up exactly the same way, same plug in, same firmware. I can only select and open it directly from the wyze app. When I select it, “recent events” is displayed at bottom of screen. Selecting that opens the events screen. Scrolling to bottom of that screen one finds “all events”. When selected, more events are added. Selecting an event pulls up the first frame but the “playback” button is grey and unavailable for selection. One MUST GO to the SD card when they first open the Wyze app to view an event. All the events seem to be on the SD card but it takes much more time to navigate. I have tried different networks and have reformatted the new SD card with the same results. It seems as though this cam thinks I have Wyze plus BUT I DO NOT.

I love the concept of the Wyze cam pan v3. But it has issues as detailed above. AND, none of the pan v3 cams I have owned can detect motion like my first Wyze cam, a stationary v3 that is two years old. It can detect small animals 30-50 feet away, humans at 60-70, and a neighbor’s car from over 80. The pan cams cannot detect my 20 pound dogs at 20 feet and rarely detect me at 25 feet or more. AND I’d love to be able to change networks without doing a total reset. I’m hoping to see these pan cam issues resolved with new firmware.

Why make navigating harder?

The ‘playback’ button get you to exactly where you want to go.

The new ‘improved’ scroll method is doable but definitely not better.

What’s the harm in having playback AND scroll?

Adding steps to see a video is NOT a good idea.

Plus: viewing the clip is not enough, there is missing context. Clips do not show what happened before or after, so reviewing the clip is “necessary but not sufficient”.

The “Playback” allows one step access to see everything about the event.

Current process:
1 view clip
2 live stream
3 SD card

Is there a faster way?

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I’m having the same problem. I would love to be able to view playback on the events tab, but when I try to access, I get the message that no SD card was found. But, if I press home, then SD card, I can view the whole events there. It is uper frustrating going that extra step! The vertical scroll isn’t at all like the horizontal one I had on my other camera, which was more precise on viewing all context.

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Yes, that’s what it does, kind of crazy.

They took something that worked well and broke it in the name of progress.

I just bought a v4, hope it works. If not then it will be the last Wyze I buy.

Let me know how the V4 works out!!!