“View playback” button missing?

Hi all,

I have 6 Wyze cams, and 5 have the green “view playback” button at the bottom, but my one new outdoor cam doesn’t have it. I have a properly formatted and recognized 32G SD card in it, direct from Wyze.

Any tips what I’m doing wrong?


PS: I tried to post this on reddit but was met with the error message “you aren’t allowed to post there.”

There is no playback option as the outdoor cam does not support continuous recording to SD.


@Oyjord Welcome to the Wyze community! @towelkingdom is correct no playback button. The new outdoor cam only has live streaming since it doesn’t record events continuously to the mSD card like the v2 and cam pans. The 12 sec motion clips are stored on the cloud. You can view those under the events tab.


There is a backup to base station option but no way to view the backup but the SD card never shows that anything is being recorded. Why have SD in camera and base if it’s not recording to them then ?

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Why would Wyze get rid of this feature?

Conserve and prolong battery life in the camera.

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But they are plugged into outlets.