Cam Pan v3 - Provide event to SD card link to get to recording quickly when you selected a camera and viewing events

With the UI changes to the Wyze Cam Pan V3 Live Stream, there is no way to access the SD Card to the exact time of an event I selected for streaming. If you go to the Events tab, in the app, you can play an event, then click on the SD Card and have it open the locally recorded event at the time of the selected event.

I would like the same ability to be provided when viewing events from the Camera Live Stream page.

+1 Vote for me! Great suggestion @tim.ocallag!

It is available on the OG Cam, Live Stream, Recent Event Viewer new UI:

But is NOT available on the V3Pro or the PanV3.


Yea, should be consistent across most, if not all, cameras.


V3 pro, the most expensive Wyze cam so far, also doesn’t have Jump To SD or Playback option.


It’s already there, at least for v2 and v3, not sure about v3 pro.
while watching an event video there is a button called “playback” that will open the SD card recording for that moment.

Capturing Motion and enabling Playback on SD Card

I would like to be able to ‘jump’ to my SD Card to see motion captured by my PanCamV3 camera.
All the other cameras I have (CamV2, CamV3, CamV3Pro) give this option.


Tested and confirmed… accessing the event on SD card from an event in event tab or notification appears to be missing for Cam Pan v3 without Cam Plus.

Without Cam Plus

With Cam Plus

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On the PanCam V1 it’s there… without Cam Plus

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I have 4 V3 Pro cameras, all have the SD Playback Option, without Cam Plus…


When you click event thumbnails of V3 pro cam main page, not under Events page for all cams, there is no jump to SD. Even the least expensive OG has it. Basically those thumbnails are useless but used by Wyze to push users to subscribe to cam+. Pan V3 also doesn’t have it.

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I also just noticed this on a Pan V3 I bought a few months ago, but just recently installed. Too late to send it back, unfortunately. I agree…this was an intentional feature ommision.

The feature is undergoing testing and so far appears to work well.

The text “Playback” under the icon on Event display is not grayed out:

Tapping Playback icon streams CPv3’s SD card at Event timepoint:

A different CPv3 not included in test. The text “Playback” under the icon in Event display is grayed out and tapping the icon results in no action:

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