View SD Recording on the App

I am new to the Wyze Application and Camera.
I record events in the SD… I found it hard to watch recording into the App (Android). It is quite hard to jump backward and forward for one second for example.
While the camera identified that there is an event (say at 11:15), when I watch the event recording, it jumps from 11:11 with no Vido to 11:16 (or something like that).

Any better way to watch the events within the App (I know about the option to take the SD out and watch it in the computer, but I am looking for a way to do that through the App itself… maybe by using a feature in the App)

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Do you have Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite or no subscription? Also, what camera do you have?

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If you are watching a “Recent Event” that is listed below the Live Stream, there is no good way to jump to the SD Card Playback Video. The Recent Events are the same uploads to the cloud found in the Events page.

If you are watching the Event from within the Events page, you can press the View Playback button at the bottom of the Events Viewer. That will take you to the exact time of the Event in the SD Playback.

For easier video scrubbing, the timeline in the SD Playback UI can be manipulated smaller or larger by pinching and spreading.

No Cam Plus… Camera is Pan V3

Thank you… will try that

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