Watching event recordings on V3 Camera

Hello, I have a Cam V3 running firmware 4369139.

When I first got the camera, it would list individual recorded events that I could then select for review (or delete).
However, after the last update, it now shows a “scrolling time bar” with tiny green hi lights indicating events. I find it difficult to select these for review.
Is there still an option to get the recorded events in the list form again?



Are you trying to look at videos from the Events tab at the bottom of the app screen, or are you trying to watch recorded videos from the uSD card with the camera set to record events only?
From your description it sounds like you previously were using the “Event” tab, and are now trying to use the “View Playback”. The two are completely different. The Events tab is cloud based recordings based on motion detection settings. That also depends on if you have any form of Cam Plus. The “View Playback” is recordings from the camera uSD Card. The camera can be set to record to the uSD card Continuously or Events only.

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Thanks for the reply! I open the wyze app on my phone, and select the camera. I then click on “View Playback”. I then see sort of a “ruler” looking thing with time stamps every 20 minutes. On this display are tiny green bars that indicate events. I then have to move the “ruler” until I can select one of those green bars. However those bars are so tiny they’re difficult to select.

Is that display pulling video from the camera or the cloud?

As I recall, when view was selected, it use to give a list of videos that you could watch or delete.

Oh, I do not see an “Event” tab, just “View Playback”

Also, I believe I have Plus because if I go to Settings it says PLUS on the Notifications tab.


Ok, never mind, I found the “Events” icon. It’s on the previous screen where it displays “Home, Events, Monitoring, Shop and Account”.




“Events” are cloud based and “View Playback” is uSD card recordings. Two notes on those. First of all is that you can pinch in with two fingers to make the timeline showing a larger amount of time (1 hour divisions), or pinch out with two fingers to show a smaller amount of time (2 minute divisions). Also as I understand it, you can step from one event in the timeline to the next with an arrow or something (I have all of my cameras set to continuous recording, so don’t see that).

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Thank you!:+1:

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