List of events with Wyze Cam v3

I have a Cam v3 and a Cam OG.

When I open the Wyze app in my iPhone and select the OG camera, it displays Recent Events as separate videos and I can select each one to display.

However when I select the v3 and select View Playback, it displays a time scale display that has small green “events” that are difficult to select.

Is there a way to list separate video events with the v3, like the OG does?



The OGs and the V3 have different interfaces. The one that the OG has is what all new cameras should have also.

Sounds like you are looking at the cloud events when you do this.

When you click and view the V3 live view page and hit playback, you are looking at your SD card recordings, which are different than the cloud recordings. You can zoom into the timeline by “pinching in” and pinching out" on the timeline. You can go from 1 hr increments…

to 20 min…

to minute by minute.

I have my SD card recording here set to continuous so my shade blue area is not broken up. If i wanted to view my cloud events from my V3. I would back out of the camera device page to the home page of the app, then click the EVENTS link at the bottom.

If you are looking for your V3 cloud events, then yes, like i stated above go to the home page of the app, and click on events. Here you should see all your cloud saved events from both cameras.

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The “Recent Events” in the new UI for the OG Cam are the same ones you see in the Events Tab that shows you all the uploaded cloud events. But, the Recent Events shown are limited. It does not show all of them.

Since the V3 does not have the updated UI to show “Recent Events”, go to the Events tab to see all the Events for both cams.

Any time you use “Playback”, it isn’t viewing Event Video from the cloud. It is viewing SD Card recorded video.

Thanks for the quick responses!!

I went the Home page and selected Events and there they all were!


One more quick question. If I walk across either cameras field of view, then change direction and walk back again, the cameras appear to only record my initial pass, not the return. Is there a timer that has to reset before a camera records again?


Do you have any version of CamPlus on the cameras?

On the OG it says PLUS for Event Recording and for Notifications.

On the v3 it says PLUS only on Notifications

Is that the issue?



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That’s just a difference between the old and new UI.
Go to Account and then Services. At the top you can select the different services and when you select a type it will show which devices have that level of service. Here is my page when I select Cam Plus:

Without a subscription, both the OG and the V3 are subject to a 5 minute cooldown lockout between upload thumbnail snapshot events.

The V3 Cam be assigned to Cam Plus Lite, but this also has a 5 minute cooldown lockout between upload video events and the videos will be 12s clips. The OG is incompatible with Cam Plus Lite.

With a Cam Plus Subscription, there is no cooldown period so you should get back to back video event uploads with no cooldown and full length video.

Here’s what I see when I go to Services - The OG is the front door and the v3 is the driveway/garage.


The two cams should be recording back to back full length video. What are your Detection Sensitivity settings?

I’m having the same issue on 1 of the 2 v3s black edition I just bought a couple weeks ago. Suddenly today they stopped sending notifications. Which I need right now more than ever.

It does seem to be a trend with reports of V3 Cams and PanV3 cams having issues. Have you contacted Customer Support so that they start catching the increase in problems? The metrics they log on these issues are backfed to the devs. When they see increased reports of issues, they investigate. They won’t see that from reports here in the Forum.

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Will do.