Unable to view Cam v3 events

Unable to view events from Wyze Cam v3. I receive a notification of an event, but when I tap the play button to view the event it shows options for subscriptions. I can still view the 12-second events on both of my outdoor cams. Firmware update has been completed. Camera and phone both turned off & back on.

Please advise.

If you do not have Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite all you will get is a thumbnail photo of the event, no event video. Since you have a V3 and you don’t want to pay for Cam Plus subscriptions I think you should at least Cam Plus Lite for the custom price of $0.00 or put a good high endurance SD Card in the camera and set it for continuous recording so when you get events you can go to playback on the SD card and see the entire event. I believe that if you use cam plus lite with a V3 there is a 5 minute cooldown period between recording event videos, on the battery powered WCO it is a one minute cooldown.

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I already have Cam Plus Lite. The v3 camera was set up in September 2022. It was turned off most of the summer, but we turned it on for security purposes when we went away for a couple of weeks. I received notifications while away, but unable to view events from this camera. I could view events from the outdoor cameras.

I have no idea ? Did you look at your account > services to see if the cam is still on CP lite? I just recently set up a new V3 without Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite but I still got notifications of events. I had a 128GB SD card in the cam and could go to the time of event and view it from the SD Playback. The events page for cloud recording just has a blank picture.
There have been 2 firmware updates in the summer July and August did you do any recently?

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Completed firmware updates today. Still no change for viewing events.

Sorry I am out of ideas, maybe some one else will chime in with some good advise. I had 4 cams on CP Lite put I just put all my cams on the unlimited plan so they do not show up as available in my account > service anymore unless I remove them off of the paid plan.

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