No events for outdoor cam

I have 2 v3 cameras and an outdoor camera in my Wyze app. They all 3 show up and I can view them all and get events from the V3 cams but not the outdoor. I get a push notification from it and can review the recording from the push notification but it does not show up as an event. Once I view it it seems to be gone. I can’t find it under events and nothing seems to be on the SD card. I would appreciate an help with this.

Welcome to the forums! It sounds like your filtering them out in the event tab. In the event tab click the funnel icon and then clear all filters. That work for ya?


Thanks for the info. I did find the box not checked for that camera. I’m sure I checked that box before but didn’t click view now after.
Do you know how to view the SD card in the base unit?

You have to take the card out of the base to view on a PC or other card reader.

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That’s disappointing. I got this outdoor camera to replace a game camera outside my cabin. I thought I would be able to view the SD card when I was not there.
Why can we view the card on the V3 cams and not the SD card in the base of the outdoor cam?

There is a way to view what is on the card in the camera from the app if you put a good 32 GB SD card in the camera. Set the cam for scheduled event recording for 30 days at a time. You can set the cooldown period time to the time you want, from no cooldown to 5 min. You can also set the max. time for each video event, set the cam for motion detection only. The videos are stored on the cameras album that looks like this screen shot. You have to download the videos to view. See direction also below.

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I will give that a try. Thanks for the reply.