New Wyze Cam 3

I just received the Wyze Cam 3 with trial Cam Plus. I have the camera outside and it shows a beautiful Live picture. I do not have a SD card in place. It never shows an event though I have Motion Detection at 100 %. I know there has been plenty of motion in my backyard that has not been captured by the camera. I contacted Support and referred to this site for help. Cn anyone help me thru the steps to getting Events?

Have you turned on notifications?

That’s a different approach to customer support - ‘Pass the Buck’. :unamused:

Yes I turned on Notifications and turned on Motion Detection under Notifications.

Not Motion detection under notifications. Do you have event recording turned on in the settings.


Yes, I do. I think I fixed it by deleting camera and then setting it up again. Thank you.

Just so you know if you turn on all other motion events in the notification settings you should be prepared for a lot of notifications, like tree branches swaying, shadows moving, light changing on the ground due to clouds going by and so on. It’s so much fun :upside_down_face: