No Notifications from new V3 Cams

Hi, A few days ago I setup 3 of my 4 new Wyze V3 cameras. Notifications are On, I set the detection zone…but I have yet to get a single motion Notification from any of these 3 new V3 cameras. I still get them from my older V2 cam though. Anyone know why? All 3 V3 cams have the latest firmware.

What are your event recording settings? Notifications are triggered by events. Do you have any events in the event tab? Make sure filters are off.


Thanks, Event “Recording” has to be on to get motion detection notifications?? Ok, they were off, by default, I didn’t turn them off. I put them on. Thanks


Yep, to get clips saved to the cloud this setting needs to be enabled. Is it working now?

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It does seem to be working now, Maybe too well LOL …even a bug flying by at night was triggering it, I reduced the detection zone and sensitivity, that helped a bit. I do have 32GB cards in the cameras, recording continuously too, I did not remember having to turn on Event Recording to get Notifications from my V2 or Pan cameras, but that was a few months ago.