How to review Outdoor cam video

I have several indoor CamV3’s and I bought the Outdoor camera thinking it would be the same thing but with battery power. This is apparently incorrect because there is no Event logging on the outdoor camera, which is the main feature of the V3 camera.
The Wyze support rep told me that to review video from the Outdoor camera I should retrieve the sdcard and put it in a PC. So I have to climb up a 20’ ladder, get the card out of the camera, bring it in the house and plug into my pc. Then climb back up the ladder to replace the sdcard. This is ridiculous, no one is going to do this.
So I’m wondering, how are other people using the outdoor camera? How do you accomplish event logging using it?

The Wyze cam outdoor (Battery Cam) does not record to the SD in the cam unless you are doing scheduled event recording to the SD in the cam. If your cam is recording any events the will show up on the events page like all the other cams and the event video will also be backed up to the SD card In the Base if there is a SD card in the base. You have to remove the SD from the base to view in a PC or card reader. If your camera is so high you need a 20 foot ladder your chances of recording events are slim to none. The WCO do not sense motion like the V3 cams. If you do scheduled event recording to the SD in the cam you can view the recorded events that will be in the cams album using the app. Still think your cam is to far away/high to record anything!!


My application is for security/monitoring of properties. Scheduled recording does not help in this case since you cannot ask the intruder to come at a specific time.

You say that the WCO does not sense motion like the V3, but if it can’t sense from a wall mount then I can hardly see any application that it is good for. I am struggling to see any good applications for this camera.

If I was using a cam for security/property monitoring it would not be a Battery powered WCO. Detection range is short, no continuous recording and battery charging. Mine are fine for my use, they will record and alert when a vehicle is in view within 50 feet, a person 26 feet at the best and for watching the side yards and small portions of the back yard. One cam is about 8 inches off the ground to record critters, works great for that. Use a a cam from a different company. I also have three V3 cams to cover almost all the rest.