Cam v3 SD card recording vs cam outdoor v2

New to wireless cams here. I picked up a pair of cam outdoor v2 a few days ago just to get something up and recording right away. So far I’ll say they are okay, sort of evaluating them. A few questions about the Cam V3… Is there any increase in performance with the wired Cam V3 over the Cam Outdoor v2,… delay time when sensing motion at night and recording the “Event”? As far as recording with the Cam 3, my understanding is that you can install a memory card to continuously record and that it rewrites over old data continuously when the card is full. So you can continuously record on the card, and simultaneously have the camera record “Events” with notifications with the Cam Plus Subscription? To view the memory card footage, you need to physically remove the card and view it on another device (not while in the camera via the app)? Cam V3 can be mounted outdoor? Am I able to attach a power wire to the Cam Outdoor V2 and also record continually via memory card?

Lastly,… Security wise, I assume that the Cam V3 does not function at all when power is out… or if someone were to cut off your wifi connection, your event recording stops.

Sorry for throwing all the questions on one Topic.

I only have v3 cameras so I can not help you with all your questions. A v3 needs power to operate but I have heard of people using a v3 as a dash cam with no internet. You can use a v3 outside but Wyze does sell a outdoor rated power adapter and cord. I use my v3 cameras with SD cards set to Continuous Recording. I can view everything on the SD card from within the App.

You might look into Cam Plus Lite if you feel you don’t need all the functionality of a full Cam Plus subscription.


V3 is way better than a battery powered cam WCO Version 2 depending on use needs. The Battery powered V2 will record continuous but your battery will be dead in about 6-8 hours if you start at 100% charge. You can connect the V2 Outdoor to a solar panel but it will not help recording continuous. You need to read about scheduled event recording in the link below. I do it all the time with my Version one Battery powered WYZE cams. Set for 30 days motion only. You can play back from the cam album.


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I do not have any WCO, so I can’t give you any performance comparison. But I can answer your questions on the V3.

Yes. You can also record Events Only to the SD if you wish. Recording to the SD Card is not limited in any way by the subscription. The Cloud Event Uploads are. The upload and cooldown varies between subscriptions as does the Smart Detection AI.

Subscription Plan Comparison Chart

No. You can view it in the App thru the Playback Feature. To view and manipulate the underlying MP4 video files that comprise the Playback Video and\or their file structure, or to download individual MP4 files, you will need to remove the card. There is a “Record” feature in the App Playback UI that will allow you to Record and save video from the SD to your gallery while you watch it.

Yes. The Cam V3 is IP65 Weather Resistant. The power adapter it ships with, however, is not. To plug it in outdoors you will need the IP67 rated Outdoor Power Adapter accessory.

Loss of power = Dead Cam. Loss of Internet (WiFi or ISP) = Loss of Uploaded Motion Events and Push Notifications, but the cam will still continue to record to the SD Card. When the Internet comes back, the cam will resume uploads.


Ok… So spent most of the afternoon reading up. Interesting enough, it appears that you can run the Cam outdoor V2 while connected to power indoors, however they don’t make an outdoor connector for it…even though you can plug it in to an optional solar panel. Next Question… The memory card slot for the base unit. Does it record live feed / event footage from whatever cams you have set to it? Does it still save feed from your cameras if your Wi-Fi goes out…or does that make the base unit inoperable from receiving from your cameras?
I’m thinking my best course of action is get the door bell cams for front side door. Get maybe 3 Cam V3s, which I will start looking out windows, continual recording via SD cards. Eventually I will have them mounted outdoors. I will use one Outdoor V2 Cam and mount it across the alley on my neighbors garage facing the alley and my driveway for recording events…just high enough to not easily get ripped off but low enough to access with a step ladder for removal and charging. Maybe I’ll try the solar panel later on. The other Outdoor V2,. I can use wherever as portable. FYI it’s a bit obvious, but I tested on the dash of my car through the front windshield. It reverted to blk/white but was still very good.

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Just for kicks I tested the Outdoor V2 on the dash looking out the front window of my car in the driveway. Image reverted to blk/wht but image was very clear.

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Here is the thread I remember reading which I was referencing above. It may work better with a v3 but it is possible to use it without internet.

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The SD card in the Base Station will not work at all if you also have Cam Plus but it will save 12 second “EVENT VIDEOS” only and it does work with cam plus lite. I do not think it will save videos without cam plus lite but I have never tried it. If internet is down so is the base and no videos, Just get the V3 cams for important areas and play around with Outdoor Version 2 if you are set on it. My Version one WCO are on cam plus lite, these are all 12 second videos with a thumbnail photo for each event also.