Cam Plus Wyze V3

I recently purchases a wyze cam V3 with a subscription to Cam Plus. On the wyze website it says unlimited event video cloud stored for 14 days. However, I have had the camera set up for 3 days so far and there is no way to view / playback any stored video from the cloud. Help

Click the Events tab on the bottom of the main app window.

I have the same issue with a new v3. I get notifications of events but when I click the EVENTS at the bottom of the app there are no videos. My v2 camera was working perfectly and now it notifies me of EVENTS but no videos in EVENTS. I have a CAM PLUS annual subscription for the v2 and the 14 day free trail with the new v3. Seems like something is broken on the CAM PLUS side of things.

Sometimes this happens if people have a filter on the events page (person/car/etc.) and don’t realize it.

I had the same issue, you need to select your V3 cam in the Event page , top right hand on top under cameras, then you will see it all