V2 outdoor cam playback option

First time on here and new to the wyze products.
I wanted to knoe if this product had the playback option like the wyze 3 flood light?

It is a little different.
I don’t use the Battery cams very often, so someone can correct me if I say anything wrong or outdated, but here is what I remember:

For this cam, most events are stored in the cloud and viewed in the events tab.

Without cam plus, these events are 12 seconds long. With cam plus, you can choose to have longer events and a shorter or no cooldown limit.

You can also set up a “Scheduled” recording" to record a certain period of time, or to record all motion to the SD card, and you can then view those events in the “Album” area of the cam.
BUT the cam doesn’t really have a “Playback” area where you can review the SD card “Events” the way the wired cams do. Still there are workarounds as I explained above. Usually, if someone didn’t do a scheduled recording to view it in the album area and wants to review a “recorded event” on the SD card that is on the Camera Base Station or the camera itself, people will pull the SD card out of the camera and put it in a computer, and all the recorded events may be viewed still.

Hope that helps
(someone please correct anything I may have said that is not up to date as WCO’s are not my forte)

Mostly correct but you need at least Cam Plus Lite to get the 12 second videos. The videos are also backed up to the base using CP lite but will not work with cam plus. You need to take the card out of the base to view on a device with a card reader.
I recommend at least CP Lite and scheduled event recording to the SD card in the camera set for 30 days, Motion Only, no cooldown period, and a duration of each video up to a max of 5 minutes. To view the recorded events on the SD you need to open the cam album, tap the download icon on the event. This will allow you to view the video but it also downloads the video event to your phone/device photo album. Continuous recording is not a good idea but would work indoors for a period if the camera was plugged into the power adapter.

So… there’s no “playback” like there is on my wired Wyzecams? (I have CPLite).

If I have SD cards in the outdoor cameras AND the base station - which do I pull to view what’s recorded? I hope it’s not the outdoor camera cards - I have to get a ladder for those (and to recharge).


@deholz To view the recorded events on the SD in the camera you need to open the cam album, tap the download icon on the event. This will allow you to view the video but it also downloads the video event to your phone/device photo album. This is only if you had the camera set for scheduled recordings. The base should have the 12 second cloud event videos if you have Back up to Base turned on in your event recording settings. You can check in setting and see if your base has any data on it. You have to eject the Base card and view on a device with a card reader

The battery-powered cameras mostly sleep, waiting for their PIR sensor to sense heat passing by. Then they wake up, record a clip or a picture, and go back to sleep. Because of this behavior to save battery power they do not record 24/7 like the wired cameras can.

So if you can run a power cable, always use a wired camera. They are much more powerful. If not, there are these sleepy battery cams. :wink:

I guess it’s my fault for buying these without a playback feature…junk waste of my money

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It would seem wyze could do better with this. I’m 120 dollars into two of these and now I find out how limited the recording capabilities are. I had to have one battery cam to keep an eye on my double gate that my dog has figured out how to open but I probably wouldn’t have bought the second one knowing this. I thought I was just stupid. I mean I knew that a battery camera would be limited but I’ve had some other battery powered products that do a lot better than this does. Wyze needs to re-examine this product in my opinion right now really thinking these were something of a waste of funds.

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