Product Stripping?

I installed 4 out door cameras with the base station, first off - Great job to the Wyze product group for making an easy installation. The problem is with recording. The outdoor cameras don’t seem to have an option to “View Playback”. I have this option on all of the other cameras except for the outdoor camera. BTW, I do have micro SD cards in the cameras. So I thought maybe they needed to be part of Cams Plus so I swapped in one of my Outdoor Cameras to Cams Plus, but there wasn’t a difference. I also went into the base station thinking that the playback function might be there, it wasn’t. So I updated all of my devices to the latest firmwares and Wyze software and now under monitoring I only get still pictures for most of my motion detections, whereas I used to see 12 second videos prior to this. What’s up? Are you still writing the features for the outdoor cams? Did I buy option to soon? And what happened to my old features?

You need cam plus or cam plus lite to get the 12 second CLOUD event video recordings. If you don’t have either you will just get thumbnail photos. The videos will not back up to the SD in the base if you have cam plus, I am still not sure if it works with Cam plus lite? The SD card in the cameras will only have numerous thumbnail photos unless you are doing scheduled recording. The SD in the WCO is for travel mode, Time Lapse and scheduled recording. There is no playback on the WCO, but if you are doing scheduled event recording to the SD card in the camera the videos are saved in the camera album and may be viewed from there. When viewing from the camera album the video will open and play when selected, but it will also be saved to your device (Phone/tablet/iPad) photo album. I have 4 WCO and they are all doing scheduled event recording to the SD cards.

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I saw that feature, however I would have to schedule each day for the rest of time separately. That’s a lot of work! Any chance there is a record always with an overwrite option or better yet always record on motion with an overwrite oldest recording option?

There is no continuous recording on the outdoor wireless camera due to battery constraints.

The event tab in the app only shows the cloud recording, to keep cloud recording, it’s as @Antonius said, need a cam plus lite, cam plus, or cam plus pro subscription.

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I have my 4 cameras set for scheduled event recording when the cam detects motion, they are set for 30 days, no cooldown time, and the max video length set for 2 minutes per video, max setting is 5 min per video. The camera records as long as there is motion up to the time you set. There is no overwrite, when the card is full it’s full. I’m using a 32 GB card, just formatted one I took out of a cam with 1.9 GB of data on it, 2841 videos and photos. You can set it to continuous record but your battery will be dead is about 6-8 hours if you start with 100%.

This is a few from last night on one critter cam: Longest file is 6.0MB.