Outdoor Cam Filming

I have an outdoor camera, with a micro SD in the camera. I cannot view playback like I can on my V2 cameras. Any tips?

The continuous and motion event recording is currently not available on the outdoor camera. If you’d like to record full-length mot events, you can use Cam Plus. The SD card in the camera can be used for time-lapse videos, scheduled recordings and more.

If I pull out the SD can I view footage?

If it’s from a scheduled recording or time-lapse, you can. Just put the SD card into your computer or tablet that has a SD card reader on it.

It is neither. Assuming it won’t work then. Ok

What type of recording were you trying to do? If you record video wile n the live view, it will save to your phone. You can view it in the “album” of your Wyze app. Go to the camera, than more, then you’ll see it.

Like in V2 I have the SD and it continuously records and I can go back and watch. The outdoor cam is not that.

As I stated before, you currently can’t do this. You can use Cam Plus to record full motion events.

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I just subscribed to cam plus but can’t change the motion activated recording time length in my outdoor?

You should be able to go to the camera settings, then “event recording” and change it there. It is set to 12 seconds by default.

If you have attached your Cam Plus license to your WCO, go into ‘event recording’, from there you will see 2 settings Recording Cooldown (time between videos) adjustable between ‘no cooldown’ and 5 minutes, there will also be ‘Maximum Video Length’ adjustable between 12 seconds and 5 minutes. There is no way to record longer than 5 minutes at a time. I hope this helps