Where did "View Events" go?

First time here, I apologize if I posted this in the wrong area.

I have two Wyze v3 with the Cam Plus subscription for each and for the past year been very happy. I click on the “View Events” and am able to find what I’m looking for until tonight. I added a 256gb SD card to each camera and now I’m seeing “view playback” with no such list of events and videos. This is for both cameras. Each camera has a Cam Plus subscription assigned to it.

Does anyone know how I can switch back to the View Events? I’d like to take advantage of the SD card and the cloud. There was an event a few days ago which didn’t get uploaded to the cloud due to an internet connection issue and I was hoping to use the SD card as a backup for local recording.

Thank you, everyone. I appreciate the help.

I’m awfully confused.

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In your comments you make reference to the SD card local storage and the camplus cloud storage pretty interchangeably, when in fact local storage and cloud storage on the V3 camera are fairly separate functions.

To view the cloud storage, or cam plus events, you click on the events tab from the home tab in the app. On that page you will see a rundown of all cloud uploaded event videos. These are your cloud storage events. There are different filter settings which can be toggled to hide or show various event types. You also have to click different day numbers to visit previous days events.

To view your local storage recordings, or SD card recordings on the camera, you need to live view said V3 camera and click on the view playback link at the bottom of your screen. This will bring you to a page which shows the camera view plus a timeline which you can scroll back and forth to review SD card footage. The timeline will either be full teal colored, if you have it set to continuous, or intermittent teal colored marks which indicates motion detected events.

Now knowing the above, are you looking for a cloud event, or an event that was saved on the local storage AKA SD card recording?


Cloud Server Uploaded Event Videos = Events Tab.

microSD Card recorded video = Playback or SD card icon.

You can set your microSD card recording to Continuous or Motion Events in the Cam Settings :gear: Advanced Settings menu.