How do I see the cloud storage video?

I have joined cam plus to store the recorded video on the cloud - a day ago now.

But where to I see these recordings? How do I know they are on the cloud?

I can see the view playback for each camera but this is just as it was - on the internal SD

Why is there no help or FAQ on this?

very frustrating!!!

Welcome to the Wyze community!
You need to go to the “events” section in your Wyze app.

Thanks, I did try this already but it just and still says - “nothing to see”

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Did you make sure that your camera is still set to record?
Go to the camera livestream then the settings then event recording.

You have to create an Event triggered by movement or sound.
Touch Menu gear in upper right of camera view.
Device Settings → Event Recording → Detect motion -or- Detect sound
Device Settings → Detection Settings

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Also make sure that you have no filters applied. If you do and no events are recorded for them that is the message you will get.

Also click on the Funnel Icon and check for Filter-by-Cam.