Where is the "Cloud" Copy of motion detection and video?

Just upgraded to on a Wyze V2 cam, and the upgrade wiped the micro-SD card in the cam without any warning at all. No history at all prior to the upgrade, no motion detection events. So I’ll ask the question that I have had for months - were is the “cloud” copy of the events and video? It seems to me that the only copy is on the SD card in the camera, as every time I want to look at events or a video, the app must first contact the camera. The problem with this is that, if power or WiFi is lost, I cannot see any video from prior days, let alone the real-time stream. I cannot see any events. If the camera is stolen, I will not have video of the theft.

Or, am I somehow just unable to access the “cloud copies”?

Where is the cloud storage? Where is it documented?




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I’m sorry, perhaps I was unclear - what I am saying is that since the upgrade, I have NO NOTIFICATIONS from any point prior to the upgrade, and no video from prior to the upgrade.

If motion detection is properly set up, which it has been for months, then I would expect to see some notifications and video clips from this week.

I don’t see any from any point prior to the upgrade - so links to standard instructions don’t address my question which has to do with cloud storage vs local micro-SD storage.

So, where is the cloud storage, and how does one access it separate and apart from accessing the local camera storage?

There does not appear to be any separate “cloud storage”, which one can test by simply unplugging one’s camera, and trying to access anything.





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As explained in the above links, the cloud clips are found in the Notifications tab in the app. The camera does not have to be plugged in to access them. However, the camera does have to still be assigned to your account.

If you are missing videos only from before the upgrade but you are getting them post-upgrade, I would just move on and live with it.

If you are missing current video from well after the upgrade, then you should file a support ticket with Wyze from within the app (so that the log files are captured).

I am very sorry - it seems that I was not at all clear in my description of the problem.

This is a security camera product, and it forced an “upgrade of firmware” upon me, with the side effect of wiping the contents of the SD-card, which means no video from prior to the upgrade, but somehow ALSO deleted the 12-second video clips that were stored in the “cloud”.

Now, how could upgrading a device have the impact of wiping the cloud storage, too, as the cloud storage is supposed to be elsewhere, not in the camera?

I am asking how to access the cloud storage directly, perhaps using a web browser, so that the older video clips can be viewed.

Or, if the upgrade of the device DOES erase all prior cloud storage, we need a process that warns the user, and allows for backups before upgrades of firmware to prevent this scenario from erasing needed evidence of, for example, a crime.

One can assume that the cameras would not be accessed, or the video reviewed until a need arises, and “when the need arises” would NOT be a good time to force an upgrade on the device, and erase both the local micro-SD card storage AND all copies of video clips “in the cloud”, now would it? One has to assume that such cameras might be ignored for months at a time if no need arose to review videos.

I hope I have clarified the specifics and the mission-critical nature of the problem presented here.






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The cloud only holds 14 days of notifications. It will automatically overwrite the oldest video.


Yes, I am aware that only 14 days of recent clips are supposed to be available on the cloud, but this is a case where only the video clips created AFTER the upgrade are on the cloud, so EVERYTHING prior was inexplicably wiped as direct collateral damage from the upgrade, without any warning or advance notice that the deletions would result from the upgrade.



"It will automatically overwrite the oldest video"
That's not quite accurate with respect to the cloud alert clips. For the cloud clips, all video is retained until it is 14 days old, then it is deleted. There is no overwrite of the oldest video. Video older than 14 days is simply deleted. Younger than 14 days is retained without regard to how much of it there is.

On the other hand, for the local microSD card video, yes, in that case, the oldest video is overwritten when the card becomes full.

A firmware upgrade will not normally delete any cloud stored video. That should not happen. However, did you happen to set up the camera again (setup button, QR code, etc)? If you did that, the cloud video would likely be removed as it is considered a new camera.

If that’s not the case, I suggest you contact support to see if there’s any way they can restore your older clips before they are 14 days old. There is not access to the cloud storage via the web or any other means than the Notifications tab in the app.

There was no need to set up the cam again after the firmware update, so there was no user action that might have prompted the deletion of the “cloud” video clips.


First of all, the Wyze App NEVER FORCES you to update firmware, nor does the App force you to update the App on your phone. It will offer new updates and you have the option to do the update or not.

Second, as far as I am aware, no one has ever reported an update causing a wipe of the SD card. Personally I have 13 Wyze cameras (all of which have continuous recording to SD cards) and am a part of the beta program, so I likely update far more often than you do. Never had a problem with the SD card getting wiped.

Third, the cloud storage is totally unrelated to the camera storage. Nothing you do to the camera would affect the cloud storage.

I’m going with what RickO said, that the camera was disassociated with the account.

BTW, to answer your original question, the cloud storage (which is on Amazon AWS) is accessed exclusively on the Wyze App on your phone. There is no other way to access it. According to Wyze, even they have no way to decode the encryption of the cloud stored video.


I also performed upgrades to my five cameras, and had no loss of data. I did not need to reassociate a camera.

I’ll respond point by point .

First of all, the Wyze App NEVER FORCES you to update firmware

… most rational people will upgrade, as IOT devices tend to be horribly insecure, and updates tend to silently include fixes to prevent the more obvious exploits.

Second, as far as I am aware, no one has ever reported an update causing a wipe of the SD card.

I’m sorry, didn’t I JUST DO THAT?

> Personally I have 13 Wyze cameras…


> Nothing you do to the camera would affect the cloud storage.

I just reported that the upgrade caused the cloud storage to be lost, and given that the camera is mounted 30 feet up under the eaves of my house, I certainly did not climb up there with a ladder to show the camera a QR code and “re-associate” it.

> I’m going with what RickO said, that the camera was disassociated with the account.

I already said, this did not happen, as there was no user action here asides from clicking on the “upgrade” button on the screen. The camera did not lose power, as it runs off a deep-cycle marine battery that is solar-charged, it certainly was not reset, nor was there any clue, other than the complete loss of all notifications and video clips.

> the cloud storage (which is on Amazon AWS) is accessed exclusively on the Wyze App on your phone.

. There are backup images, and these backups can be used to restore what might have been lost. This is true, even if the data was encrypted with some magical method that leaves even the provider with no key pair for decryption.

A support case has been opened, and will address the issue.

Perhaps I will have the time to relate the findings here,.




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That’s great RickO - edit the reaction of the victim attacked, but not the attacks themselves.

So, this is a forum where one may challenge both the honesty and the intelligence of anyone with a carefully described legit problem, and have a moderator come to your defense, merely because of “tone”.

What a useless exercise - there are clearly no Wyze employees here.





I’m sorry you feel that way, but the post you replied to, while strongly stated, addressed only the technical issues/topics at hand and did not contain any personal references or attacks. Name calling, etc, on the other hand, is not tolerated on this forum. Please address the subject/issues and not the person.


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OK, “Mr. Moderator”, I’m on a layover between flights, so I have the time, and will address the concerns you SHOULD have had about this thread.

Regardless of tone, inserting oneself into a mundane report of a bug or malfunction and flatly stating that the exact symptoms reported are fictional is insulting to the person who reported the problem. It adds zero value, as it merely nays-says the specific of the reported problem. Let’s review the specifics of the offending comments, shall we?

The Wyze App NEVER FORCES you to update firmware

Never? Really? How could anyone but a Wyze employee make such a claim? And in all caps, too?

…no one has ever reported an update causing a wipe of the SD card…

Again, “never”? How is this forum participant all-knowing and all-seeing? And even if it has “never” been reported before, should the person who experienced the problem simply “go away”, or is it just possible that the brand-new firmware revision might have (gasp!) a bug? It should seem obvious to even the casual observer that flat statements about the past are unhelpful when talking about new software, firmware, or releases of services.

…cloud storage is totally unrelated to the camera storage. Nothing you do to the camera would affect the cloud storage…

This claim is flatly contradicting the basic problem reported, and it is made without any first-hand knowledge of either the cloud storage scheme or the process of the upgrade at issue. And again, the use of the term “nothing you do” is presumptuous, in that it phrases a mere opinion as an absolute fact.

the camera was disassociated with of the account.

This is yet another flatly-stated claim that is known to be false, unless the reporter (me) is a liar or a complete incompetent. It presumes to diagnose the entire problem, and tells the reporter to “go away”, that there is no problem to address here. To re-associate, one would have to hold one’s phone or tablet in front of the camera lens, and this is impossible for a camera that is only accessible via an extension ladder.

the cloud storage (which is on Amazon AWS) is accessed exclusively on the Wyze App on your phone. There is no other way to access it.

This is also a flat statement known to be wrong on its face - there is certainly a backup facility for the customer data, and there is an administrative front end tp manage it all. AWS “blobs” (binary large objects) such as video, certainly can be encrypted, but the encrypted data can easily be restored from backup without any messing about with decryption keys, as an encrypted blob is still a blob, and thereby, an object to be backed up and restored.

The overall tenor of the post was openly hostile and very personally insulting, yet it raised no flags, as it was a series of flat statements, made in contradiction to common-sense facts that should be well known. As a moderator in a forum about a product, the goal should be to not discourage reports of issues with new releases of firmware or software, and not to insult those who take time out of their day to report them, but instead, to encourage more detail so that problems can be quickly reported to the user community and the vendor.


To summarize, in this thread, you can see nothing BUT nay-saying in reply to a very specific and detailed report, and you can see several attempts to politely respond to such nay-saying and general disparagement.

Think about it - what will people learn from this? They will learn that there is no “community” here, no help to be gained, only insults and contradiction from self-appointed gate-keepers, who are no more well-informed than person with the question.

To summarize the summary, the bullying is a bit much, and should be reined in.

To further summarize the summary, tone is irrelevant when people are being called liars/crazy/incompetent via the use of flat contradictions to a problem report without any actual supporting facts or evidence.

There is absolutely nothing in this post that needs to be “”. Have a discussion, don’t censor a cold and dispassionate assessment of the facts.



Okay. I sincerely hope that Wyze support will be able to resolve your problem. Clearly no further discussion here will be of benefit so this thread is being closed.


I got Same question as james there. The videos that aren’t in our account or on our SD cards but in the “cloud” which wherever they maybe stored PERMANENTLY where exactly would that be and how can we access them. Cuz I accidentally deleted some that I very much need

Welcome kseniasinyayaeva. Loki’s answer hasn’t changed… there is no permanent storage in the cloud.

Also, if you deleted cloud video that was less than 14 days old, it no longer exists and therefore cannot be recovered.