Cloud storage and how to access it

Ok so… how the heck do you view the video.
EXAMPLE… YOUR AT WORK AND THE CAMERA GOES OFF LINE … I CANT NOT VIEW…REPLAY EXAMINE ANY THING. Not a clue as to say what took place to know why the camera off line…

memory card is installed…

Now… I went with wyze instead of a more expensive set up just because of the 14 day cloud storage… but since day 1 I’ve yet to be able to access said storage with the camera online or off… this is very important to me because I’ve been having some issues with my neighbors and have been documenting it… if the camera goes off line I need access to those clips and videos.

Also recording events vs all day recording … do both go to this supposed cloud storage?? Or only the memory card…
With out A memory card installed you can’t view playback of the videos again after they have been viewed once… and if there was a cloud storage this would not be the case…

Also is there a way to use you own cloud storage?
I have 40tb of space doing nothing i could utilize

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Wyze cloud storage is accessed on the Events tab in the app. The camera does not have to be online to view the recorded cloud events.

Continuous or Events only applies to SD card recordings. SD card recordings are accessed through the app by tapping the camera to get the live view then tapping the View Playback button at the bottom. The cameras does have to be online to view SD card recordings. Optionally, you can remove the card from the camera and view it on your phone or computer.


But that is not CLOUD storage bu any means of the term… thats simply writing to the SD card nothing more. The cameras are advertised as 2 weeks rolling cloud storage. But what you said is nothing of the sorts. Cliud storage would mean off site …some where else and accessible if the camera ever got stollen but yet if I unplug the camera I can not view any events for it unless its off the SD card its self…



I think you want a playback feature in cloud storage but wyze doesn’t do that. Their cloud storage is just for event recordings, they kind of tell you its not hidden information. It keeps event footage locked for several days, thats all, no playback for specific times like some other wifi cameras. Its accessed through the app not a separate site.

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The events tab is where you will see the cloud videos. If you opt for the free storage option. You have the opportunity for 12-second video clips every 5 minutes. If you have camplus that will record all motion to the cloud, accessed in the same location. Both the free and the camplus option have the 14-day rolling cloud storage. The event video does need to upload successfully for videos to show up online.

Your sd card local storage is accessed via the playback button while live viewing a camera.

Does this help you?


And AGAIN I’ll tell you.
The clips you see on the Events tab are the 12 second clips that are stored on the Wyze cloud server. These clips are stored for 14 days unless you delete them from the Events tab.

Do you have clips on the Events tab?


So for me if the camera is off line there is nothing under that tab ok let me be clear if the dang camera gets clipped where do you see said videos… because like I’ve been saying they do not appear on the phone in the app… …
Now I fully understand what you are saying… but apparently you do not follow what I am saying
. So try it for your self and see if you get the same results…

  1. With the SD card missing if the camera powers off for what ever reason videos are not accessible from the app for that camera…

  2. Even with sd card once camera goes off line none of the videos are accessable…

So… if that is the case that is not true cloud storage
Also if there is not a sd card videos you see… they delete…from the camera when its powered back on… same if I can’t connect to the camera. When it hangs counting… if I go to the events tab and try to play any thing scene in there it deletes. . As in when I do connect that said camera the video is gone… cloud storage… cloud storage would make said videos available at any given time with or with out the camera… what its doing now is using the sd card as the cloud storage

And again i follow what you have said 100 percent if your cameras an apps operate differently please inform me… maybe my apps bad… ill reinstall and update here… rd as the cloud storage … not an actual cloud storage.

Well deleted the ap and same results…but now I noticed some thing different… I can’t review the live with out a sd card …thats a new one… just confirms to me about the cloud.

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I also want to download a video on my cam plus recordings and can not find a way to download one can some one guide me

Welcome to the forums! When watching the event, click the video and the download icon should show on the upper right, it’s the

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I agree. There is no cloud access. It is all recorded on memory cards. Someone stole a card from a camera on the front porch. When I checked the events, there was no recordings to see as the memory card had been removed. I needed to see the so called “cloud” recordings to see what had happened. Nothing to see.

Welcome to the forums! What camera are you trying to get the cloud recording on? In the camera settings you’ll need to enable event recording.

I have had it happen with the v2 and the v3. There is no cloud recording if the memory card goes out or is removed.
I’ve been with wyze since the start up.

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Sorry you are having problems. Cloud storage and local storage are operated seperately from eachother, you can have one, both or neither at anytime. The settings of one do not affect the settings of the other.

If someone stole my camera, how do I retrieve the last events from wyze?
Is it only accessed by that camera?


The cloud events that are uploaded to the cloud are viewable in the app event tab for 14 days, regardless of what happens to the camera. Unfortunately if the camera is stolen and it has a sd card in it, anything on the card will be gone.

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Can we access videos stored int he cloud from a PC?

Welcome to the forums! If you are a regular CamPlus subscriber you can use the currently in beta live webview website to view your events.

Some light reading for you:


Thank you!

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I am having the same issue. Someone stole the sd card out of my camera and I’m desperately trying to see if my videos are stored on a cloud somewhere. From what I’m reading…the “cloud’ doesn’t really exist. It’s just an sd card storage. Am I wrong? Have you figured out a way to view footage with out the sd card? Any advice I’d appreciated!

Of course there is a cloud server. Recording to the "cloud " is separate from recording to the SD card. The event videos are saved for 14 days only. What camera do you have, do you have cam plus or cam plus lite?
Cloud events are found on the events page of the app. Tap events at the bottom.