Cloud storage and how to access it

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Like @Antonius stated, the cloud storage is separate from local storage (SD card stuff). What type of camera do you have that had the card taken from it? Some cameras have a local storage system that are different than others. But I’ll quote myself from earlier in the thread…

If you had cloud storage enabled (free, camplus lite, camplus regular), anything uploaded successfully will be storage in the cloud for 14 days from upload. These are accessed through the event tab. If a camera goes missing with an SD card, or if juts the SD card goes missing in your case, anything saved on the card is unfortunately gone.

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It seems like some users have a misunderstanding as to the difference between “Events” stored in the cloud vs those stored on the SD card. And the app doesn’t make the difference explicit.

Thanks for all previous efforts to direct users to their cloud recorded events, but can someone please clearly lay out the differences between the two in the way they are accessed via the app by comparison? Or point to a reference where that info can be found?

I think it is very simple. Cloud events can only be viewed via the events page on the app. SD recording may be viewed by tapping the playback icon while viewing from the events page or tapping playback on the bottom of the screen while the camera is open in live view.
The WCO does not have playback unless you are doing scheduled recording then you have to view recorded items on the SD card in the album of the WCO. The videos from the WCO are saved to your device photo/video album once they are opened.


It’s apparent that the distinction is obvious to experienced users, but not so much to all new users.

It might be helpful to users if Wyze would label the Events tab as Cloud Events, at least, and the other recording as SD. I will suggest same under the #wishlist category on the forum.


Or maybe WYZE should just make a large bunch of instructional videos and add them all in one place on their web site or make it a new forum item. I know they have some videos but they’re scattered all over YouTube, put them in one place!! :smiley:


I appreciate your comment. Agreed.

There’s also a fine line between not providing enough info that’s easily accessed and an avalanche of info that makes finding what you need impractical. At the moment the former applies to Wyze’s own documentation/user education and a demonstration of the latter is this forum, making it energy intensive for both those seeking help and those trying to give it.

I checked out a company that had such a dizzying array of documents and instructional videos that trying to weed through it for what I needed to know was overwhelming. They clearly needed the services of an instructional designer and a searchable FAQ/index with links to the related applicable documents/videos.

Does Wyze have the resources to hit a sweet spot between the two? What seems doable to me is for Wyze to enlist some of the knowledgeable volunteers on this forum to help them build a support site that is more useful and robust. Such a customer resource would have the potential of saving some energy and time for everyone.

There is a lot of good FAQ and information on the support page on the top banner of this site, but you really have to dig through the weeds to find what you are looking for :upside_down_face:

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Which is why a lot of people end up here, IMO, where there are even more weeds to sort through. I understand why people come in hot and full of misunderstandings.

This! Yes.

Like their own channel? :smiley:

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My son just signed me up for the cloud storage service for motion detection videos
Unfortunately i have no idea what it entails. I can’t even get my livingroom cam to acknowledge and make a video of me leaving the house on camera. It used to go crazy with vide po s of the tv if i forgot. I dont know why it doesnt work. to turn it off

I ment, my kitchrn cam picks up all motion in the parking lot and plenty events in the parking lot. Who can i talk to that can advise me on how to make the living room cam record videos of motion

Welcome to the forums! What version of camera are you trying to get event videos from? Here are the support pages for more popular Wyze cameras that outlines how to set up event videos.



You can also just browse around the Support pages for whatever camera you are using to get familiar with all their other features and functions also.

You are no help. I dont want a schedule. They worked fine until Sunday 17th and Monday 18th. I get no help only ads wanting to buy something else from you guys. I’m done

You can contact Support and here is the link to that information. There is an online help option, or a phone call option and those hours of operation and listed on the linked page.

The links above were to a few different pages which detail event recording setup for different cameras. I included multiple links because you haven’t said what camera you are having an issue with so as a catch all I added a few. The “event schedule” link above has a section titled " Detects Sound and Motion" that should show you how to “make the living room cam record videos of motion”. I’d like to help more but to get focused help please provide what cameras you are having an issue with and what cloud storage service you were signed up for if you are still seeking assistance. Sorry for your troubles, hoping to help!

One last thing, Mavens and Moderators in the forums are not Wyze employees. We are community members like your self that volunteer our time assist fellow forum users.

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Well I can verify the cloud thing works. I have a camera monitoring my living room/back door which I well, forgot about and I needed to go to the cloud that made sure I deleted all the buck naked information. I was able to find the cloud information when he said events tab. Where I Was able to delete things.

My son, who is a tech person says to forget WYZE and that when he set up my 2 V3 cameras 3 years ago, he didn’t expect me to have to deal with some strange quirks in the system. I took the camera’s down for about 6 months b er cause I was sick and tired of the gliches that kept happening. One of then was cameras turning on without me doing it. Totally true. They shouldn’t have to have a babysitter. He thought the cloud would be the a great idea however, it was a problem for him to even understand the extra steps in setting up and retrieving videos from the cloud. Since the camera’s continue to be unstable and my home has had 2 unauthorized entries while the “new” thing that WYZE changed without fore warning that motion detection would not be available to see the event videos right after the event. If The WYZE company could have considered the reason why some of us have the cameras for the specific purpose to catch unlawful intruder problems, like my annoying problem, it probably wouldnt matter anyway. It’s all about the money. That intoduction fee of 1.99/ month for the cloud x a millon users is a huge money maker for WYZE, but they just cut off the event recording and made it impossible for me to see anything but live shots. “No events recorded” is BS. One motion event slipped through on May 1, 2022 and I watched a single event video that was in my album. So I know that there are video records of events from motion tagging in th esc cloud? IDK, I haven’t set it up even though my son pats for. I bet there isn’t any video that I can retrieve. That has been a pain in my rear. So, we are getting a different system with a different company. I cant trust WYZE, just sayin’

Your post is a bit difficult to follow.

The V3 hasn’t been around for three years, they must be V2 cameras.

Sorry for the late reply but I have been totally consumed in work and I would like to apologize to anyone who read sny of my angry, uninformed. Ignorant posts
I was frustrated with everything in my life because I have s problem with unauthorized entries on to my apartment and all sorts of harrassing, destructive behavior, like chopping the leaves off my plant and poisoning the soils of all my plants. Its always sething. My cameras were not on at the time. I will not blame anyone for anything again. Sorry-not sorry, I’m dealing with a stalker. Thanks for your help

Oh, I dont have V3, they are V2