How to access the CLOUD to view recorded videos

I am new to this camera. Just purchased and set it up 3 days ago. It is recording to an SD card, but I would like it to record to the CLOUD. is there any way to make it to record to the CLOUD so I can later access recorded videos from the CLOUD?

Thank you very much in advance.

The 12-second event clips currently go to the cloud. You can access those from anywhere in the world under the Events tab in the app.

Currently 24-hour recordings are only available from the SD card. However, you can also access those from anywhere in the world using Playback from the app.

Welcome to the community, @sukhenkoi. In addition to what @Newshound mentioned, this topic in #roadmap may interest you.

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I tried to access playback from a neighbor’s house off network and it didn’t work. I was thinking I had to be on network. All other functions work fine.

Thanks for the info. I will try again when I am off wifi.

You can probably turn WiFi off on your phone now if you want to test. A phone should automatically switch to cellular. There was a server problem awhile back that didn’t allow cellular users to see their home networks, but that should be fixed now.

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Doh. I should have thought of that. Playback works as you said.



No problem! Glad it worked. Thanks for the feedback! :+1:

Am not very computer savvy and am unable to find where in the app I can view the recorded videos that are on the SD card while it’s still in the camera. If you’d be kind enough to show where to find this option, I would appreciate it

I found this on the Wyze Support pages. :slight_smile: