SD card vs Cloud

I’ve been trying to go through the online instructions for the Cam Pan, but seems a lot of the links in the manual don’t work, or at least didn’t for me last night (a lot of 404 errors).

My question is, how do I view whats on the cloud? I can easily see what’s on my SD card with the “View Playback”, but what happens if someone comes in and takes the SD card out or takes the camera for example (I know it’s a little extreme, but just curious)?

It seems that the SD card works independently and that the cloud will still store images and video if it’s detected (I have it set for events only), but I’m not sure how to access the stuff on the cloud at all?


@Khaos526 Welcome to the community. To view the 12 second cloud events tap on “Events” at the bottom of the Wyze app. These clips are in the cloud for 14 days and afterwards are deleted automatically.

I guess you would call this the worst case scenario. Unfortunately other users have experienced thieves stealing their cameras. If this happens you will lose all the footage on the SD card. The best hope you have in this situation is that the 12 sec “Event” video captures the face of the thief.


Click the Events button at the bottom of the home page.


But thankfully you can download them to your device.


Ok great, thanks for the clarification. I did notice the Events and just thought those were on my SD card. That’s good to know it’s the Cloud then for those and View Playback then I guess would be the SD card…